Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner: What It Could Look Like

2024 Toyota Fortuner rendering featured

There is no other full-size premium SUV in India that is as popular as the Toyota Fortuner. This ladder-on-frame SUV has the biggest fan following in the country. This is not just the case with the new model; instead, it has been in demand ever since it was launched back in 2009 in India. The car is currently in its third generation, and a lot of people are now waiting for Toyota to launch the 4th generation of this SUV. Recently, a new rendering showing what could be the brand-new Toyota Fortuner has been shared online.

This rendering of the Toyota Fortuner has come courtesy of Torque India from X (formerly Twitter). The picture shows the front right and the rear left profile of the next-generation Fortuner. Now, before we move ahead with the design details, it has to be mentioned that this particular rendering is not official. The final production model of the next-generation Toyota Fortuner could be completely different; however, this gives us an idea of what the company could offer in the future. Also Read: 2024 Toyota Fortuner Diesel 4×2 Automatic Updated Model Video

Next-generation Toyota Fortuner: Exterior design details


Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner: What It Could Look Like

Starting off the exterior design details of this rendering from the front, we can note that it is an entirely different car. The front fascia of this Fortuner has been made a lot more bold and imposing. The outgoing model looks more aggressive and sleek. It gets a sizable grille with two thick horizontal elements and rectangular air vents. The same design has been used on the lower air dam. It also gets chunky headlights and air vents underneath. The front bumper is also very bold and gets a rugged-looking skid plate. Additionally, the bonnet also looks massive.

Side profile

Coming to the side profile, the rendering of the next generation Fortuner gets squared-off wheel arches with thick black claddings. Additionally, the car also gets rugged-looking alloy wheels. The doors and the general side profile look a lot more boxy than the outgoing model. The same thick black cladding has been used over the rear wheel arch as well. Also, an in-built side step can also be noted. The overall design of this Fortuner render has been inspired by the Toyota Sequoia, which is an SUV that the brand offers in the international markets.

Rear end

Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner: What It Could Look Like

As for the design details of the rear end, this particular Fortuner rendering has been given a set of vertically stacked LED taillights. The center houses the Fortuner badge just above the registration plate area. The car can also be seen equipped with a rear spoiler on the tailgate and a chunky rear bumper as well. The overall design of the rear end is a lot more boxy than the outgoing Toyota Fortuner.

At the moment, the exact date for the launch of the upcoming Toyota Fortuner generation has not been announced. However, some reports have claimed that it could be launched in 2025 towards the end. Other reports have also stated that the next generation Fortuner could come equipped with a hybrid engine.