Next-generation Toyota Innova Crysta Hybrid: What it’ll look like

Toyota is one carmaker which was often criticized for being a slow player in the Indian car market. However, this year, Toyota is on a roll, as it began 2022 with big ticket launches like the globally-acclaimed Hilux pickup truck and the all-new Glanza based on the Baleno hatchback. It even expanded the Fortuner’s lineup with the new range-topping GR Sport variant. Now, Toyota is gearing up to launch its next big offering in India, the all-new Innova. We have got our hands on a couple of possible design renderings based on the test mules spied on the Indian roads.

Next-generation Toyota Innova Crysta Hybrid: What it’ll look like


The all-new third-generation Innova was seen going through trial runs in a fully camouflaged avatar on the Indian roads a few times. Based on the few design details evident from the test mules, a digital artist, whose Instagram account goes by the name ‘indra_fathan’, has uploaded a couple of design renderings. These possible digital sketches give us a hint about what the next-generation model of Toyota Innova will look like.

All-new Innova Crysta looks longer

Next-generation Toyota Innova Crysta Hybrid: What it’ll look like

Starting with the first rendering, the new Toyota Innova here has a comparatively radical design, which makes it look longer and edgier than the current model. At the front, this version of the Innova has a hexagonal grille with a thick chrome slat running across its width in the upper half. The headlamps here look sleeker and somehow mimic the design of the headlamps of the Fortuner.

The revised fog lamp housings, which look very much like those of the Kia Seltos, are adjoined with a black strip. It also gets a silver skid plate at the bottom of the front bumper. Another major design highlight of this design rendering of the Toyota Innova is the triangular rear quarter glass, which has been confirmed in the test mules spied on the Indian roads.

In the second design rendering, the new-gen Toyota Innova looks very much like the current iteration of the MPV, with some subtle tweaks on the side profile. It gets the same trapezoidal grille as the current model, though with a new blacked-out bordering. The design of the headlamp housings looks similar to the current model, but are longer and get Fortuner-like inserts for the projectors. The front bumper has a long strip engulfing daytime running LEDs on the sides, much like that in the Jeep Compass. This model also gets the same triangular rear quarter glass as in the first rendering and the test mules spied recently.

Toyota has already indicated that the new Innova will be slightly larger and more premium than the current second-gen model, which is known as Innova Crysta. The third-gen model might also get a new suffix replacing the ‘Crysta’, and will get launched globally in the second half of 2023.

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