No FASTAG toll if queue crosses the yellow line: NHAI’s official announcement

National Highway Authority of India has issued a new order to reduce the queue of vehicles at the toll plaza. NHAI will be drawing a yellow line, 100 metres from the toll gate and if the queue gets longer than the marked line, the vehicles in the front will be allowed to pass and they would not be required to pay the toll.

No FASTAG toll if queue crosses the yellow line: NHAI’s official announcement

The press release from NHAI said, “even then if there is a queue of waiting vehicles of more than 100 metres due to some reason, the vehicles will be allowed to pass without paying toll till the queue comes within 100 meters from the toll booth”. NHAI also says that the guidelines have been issued to ensure a service time of 10 seconds even in peak hours.

Once the queue of waiting vehicles crosses the 100-metre mark, the vehicles will be allowed to pass the plaza without paying the toll until the queue once again comes under the 100-metre mark. The 100 metres will be calculated from the toll plaza and a yellow line would be used to indicate the 100-metre mark.

No FASTAG toll if queue crosses the yellow line: NHAI’s official announcement

The cashless transition was completed in mid of Feb-2021. 96 percent of collection on the toll plazas is being done by FASTag and some toll plazas have 99 percent penetration through FASTag.

The future toll plazas will look different as they will be collecting toll through FASTags. So, the toll plazas will be designed while keeping in mind the electronic toll collection system that the cars will be using. NHAI will also be considering the traffic projection of the upcoming 10 years while making new toll plazas.

This new guideline will help in a seamless flow of traffic on toll plazas. If it works correctly people would not have to wait for long. The toll plaza workers would have to work efficiently to ensure that the queue does not cross the yellow line or they would have to let some of the vehicles pass without collecting the toll.

As we know that people were experiencing long queues at the toll plazas because sensors at the toll plazas were not able to scan the FASTag. Due to this, the toll plaza executives would have to manually scan the FASTag which was taking a lot of time. This caused people to wait for long durations which made them frustrated.

No FASTAG toll if queue crosses the yellow line: NHAI’s official announcement

The coronavirus has also helped people in adopting cashless ways of paying the toll. People are trying to maintain social distancing and exchanging money on the toll plazas can put the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. So, people themselves have been taking steps to ensure that they maintain social distancing and avoid any human contact for as long as possible.

“NHAI values the time of commuters and is committed to provide them safe, smooth, and seamless journey on National Highways. As social distancing has become the new norm, commuters are increasingly looking at FASTag as a toll payment option as it nullifies the chances of any human contact between the drivers and the toll operators. The constant growth and adoption of FASTag by the highway users is encouraging and has helped in bringing more efficiency in toll operations.”