Check out this nicely restored Rajdoot GTS pocket bike on video: The Bobby bike

The Rajdoor GTS is not a common bike to be seen on the roads. Even during the time it was sold in India, the bike didn’t find many takers and it only remains in the mind of a few hardcore enthusiasts who have seen the bike on Indian roads. However, the bike was made extremely popular by a Bollywood flick which is also the reason behind its nickname, the Bobby bike. Due to its association with the movie, the bike got immense exposure and a big portion of the population knew the bike as the Rajdoot bike. The video below by Motomahal shows a Rajdoot ‘Bobby’ GTS that has been restored beautifully. Check out the video to get a glimpse of the yesteryears bike.

The Rajdoot GTS basically gained popularity after it featured in the movie Bobby and was used by Rishi Kapoor. However, a very select few bought the bike even after its popularity due to its small size. In fact, the Rajdoot GTS was among one of the first mini-bikes in India and can be considered to be the ancestor of the Honda Navi in was. These pocket bikes were called such due to their small size and there were several other examples of pocket bikes launch by manufacturers during the early days of the Indian motorcycle industry.

It was also referred to as the monkey bike on several occasions due to its hunched seating position and low powered engine. Had it not been Rishi Kapoor riding the bike in the famous flick ‘Bobby’, the Rajdoot GTS would not have become as popular as it is. The Bobby name has stuck with the bike till now and is now also a major element in its identity.

Check out this nicely restored Rajdoot GTS pocket bike on video: The Bobby bike

The one in the video has been painted in a bright shade of orange along with the multiple chrome elements the bike originally came with. Even though it has been restored, the people responsible for the restoration have made sure that the bike is completely specced as the stock bike. Everything including the headlight, tail light, exhaust, and even the footpegs are the same as on the stock motorcycle which is actually a good thing.

Talking about the engine powering this little beast, the Rajdoot GTS 175 was powered by a 173cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, two-stroke engine that churned out 7.5 Bhp of power along with 12.7 Nm of torque. The same engine was also found on full-size Rajdoot motorcycles. However, the GTS 175 weighs a mere 93 kg, which translates into it having a much better high power-to-weight ratio. Braking duties are done by drum brakes present on both wheels. Spring type shock absorbers do the suspension duties.