CEO Nikesh Arora thanks Elon Musk after a massive Tesla Model X crash

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The Tesla cars have become a revolution in the world of electric cars. The American manufacturer is highly appreciated because of the extremely modern features in the cars including the semi-automatic driving. Tesla has a range of customers around the world and many of them are high profile customers including top bosses of the top firms. Nikesh Arora, the CEO of Palo Alto is such an owner who owns a Model X and uses it regularly for the commutes.

On Sunday, Nikesh Arora tweeted about his Tesla Model X and thanked Elon Musk, the bossman of the Tesla for saving his life. As per reports, the Tesla Model X owned by Nikesh was involved in an accident due to wintery weather conditions in the U.S.A which causes the roads the become slippery due to the formation of ice. Nikesh said that the Model X was in a pretty bad shape after the accident but he has not received a single scratch on his body. He further said that the Tesla handled it better than any other car and the Tesla team called him after sensing the accident to offer help. Elon Musk replied to the tweet saying “Glad you’re ok”. Further down in the tweet replies, Nikesh also mentioned that he will soon buy a new Tesla to replace the damaged model.

CEO Nikesh Arora thanks Elon Musk after a massive Tesla Model X crash

It should be noted that the Tesla Model X has the highest safety rating of 5 stars awarded by the US National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Model X became the first SUV in the history to get such a high rating. The other Tesla models – S and Model 3 also have the highest 5-star safety rating, making them one of the safest cars in the world. According to Tesla, the design of the Model X makes it extremely safe. The vehicle gets a very low centre of gravity, which makes it much more stable. As per the manufacturer, any occupant inside the Tesla car has a 93% chance of walking out of the vehicle unhurt in an event of a crash.

Even though Tesla cars are known for their advanced autopilot features, Elon Musk has repeatedly focussed on the safety of the Tesla vehicles. Elon Musk has also said that Tesla may start partial testing of its vehicles in India by next year and the official launch may happen after the conclusion of thorough road tests in India. But it has not stopped enthusiasts from bringing in the Tesla in the Indian market. Big shots like the Sashi Ruia, CEO, Essar conglomerate have imported the Tesla in India and have been spotted driving around in it regularly.