Nirav Modi cars worth over 10 crores SEIZED; Rolls Royce Phantom to Toyota Fortuner

The entire country has been abuzz with news on Nirav Modi, the man who owes a whopping Rs 11,400 crore to the Punjab National Bank. A regular Page 3 face, Nirav built an empire around his diamond business. The famous multi-billionaire business tycoon spent the initial years of his life in Belgium, the hub for refined diamond trade. Later, he came back to India and joined his uncle to get into the Diamond trade. Modi became the founder of Firestar Diamond. While many say that Modi was almost always debt-ridden, there’s no ignoring his extravagant lifestyle. Nirav is well-known for his taste in cars. His entire fleet of cars, which has been valued at Rs 10 crore, were seized by the Enforcement Directorate. Here is a look at the cars owned by Nirav Modi.

List of Nirav Modi Cars

It has come to light that as many as seven cars of Nirav Modi have been seized by ED. Here is a quick look at images and details of all these cars.

Rolls Royce Ghost

nirav modi cars rolls royce-ghost image


The highlight of all Nirav Modi cars has to be this Rolls Royce Ghost. With prices starting at Rs 5.25 Crore, the Ghost is among the most expensive cars you can buy today. The Ghost offers a lot of performance along with creature comforts befitting of a luxurious lounge. Powering the car is a 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine that outputs upwards of 560 bhp and 780 Nm. The engine comes mated to an eight-speed transmission that uses satellite guidance to pre-select the gear ratios as per the road conditions.

Porsche Panamera

nirav modi cars rolls royce porsche panamera

Nirav also owns a Porsche Panamera, the only four-door sedan from the Stuttgart-based German sportscar manufacturer. While the Panamera costs approximately Rs 2 crore, Modi owns the earlier generation, which has now been discontinued in the country. In spite of being out of production, the earlier Panamera offers a good mix of performance and luxury. It offers an almost supercar-rivaling performance along with comfort and luxury that is comparable to what some high-end luxury cars offer.

Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 CDI

nirav modi cars rolls mercedes gls 320d

Also known as the S-Class of SUVs, the GLS-Class is the biggest, most expensive SUV you can buy from Mercedes Benz. On sale for a starting price of Rs 82.81 lakh, the GLS 350d is powered by a 3-litre V6 engine that outputs a maximum power of 258 bhp along wth a peak torque of 620 Nm. The engine comes mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The GLS is hugely capable both on and off the road.

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

nirav modi cars mercedes cls class

A last-generation CLS-Class is another Mercedes-Benz model owned by Nirav. A new CLS-Class costs at least Rs 76.5 lakh and comes with a 2143cc turbocharged diesel engine. The C-Class is known to offer a good mix of performance and comfort.

Toyota Fortuner

nirav modi cars toyota fortuer images

Launched back in 2009, an earlier generation Toyota Fortuner is another model that is a part of the long list of Nirav Modi cars.  Currently, the Toyota Fortuner range starts at Rs 26.02 lakh and goes all the way to Rs 31.99 lakh.

Toyota Innova

nirav modi cars toyota innova images

Another Toyota model among the cars owned by Nirav Modi is the last-generation Toyota Innova. The last-gen Innvoa is a widely successful model that sold well in India.

Honda CR-V

nirav modi cars honda crv

Another model in the list of Nirav Modi cars is the Honda CR-V SUV. The model you see here belongs to the current-generation in India. It costs at least Rs 27 lakh.

So, these were the details on Nirav Modi cars that have been seized by ED. We will update you with more details as soon as we can get our hands on some.

via News18, ANI