Meet the man who bought Nirav Modi’s 8 crore rupee Rolls Royce for just 2 crores! [Video]

The Nirav Modi, the fugitive who left India after scamming banks for thousands of crores is currently in the Wandsworth prison in London. Enforcement Directorate(ED) held several auctions to sell the high-value possessions of Nirav Modi to recover the lost money. In multiple auctions, ED also auctioned several high-end luxury cars belonging to Nirav Modi and the most expensive car in the list was a Rolls Royce. A craftsman in Jodhpur won the bid to own the Rolls Royce Ghost of Nirav Modi and he just got the delivery of the car.

The car was bought by Manoj Sharma, a handicraft business owner based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He has received the Rolls Royce Ghost of Nirav Modi and has also started using the luxury sedan. Manoj Sharma bought the car in an auction for Rs 2.15 crore. This is the older-generation Rolls Royce Ghost and is a few years old. A new Ghost will cost close to Rs 8 crore, on-road. The auction was held in March and Manoj placed the winning bid back then. He received the car earlier this months during the lockdown.

Manoj Sharma is a business owner and has several high-end cars and bikes. It is said to be one of the few modern-generation Rolls Royce cars in Rajasthan. This is the entry-level Ghost sedan that comes with a minimum price tag of Rs 6.83 crore in India. However, most owners add optional extras and also get customised accessories that increase the price by quite a bit. We are not sure about the additional accessories and optional extras that are in the car but in any case, this Ghost could have carried a price tag of around Rs 8 crores when new (according to the video report).

The Rolls Royce Ghost of Modi failed to fetch the desired price initially. Later, ED decided to auction them again. The base price for the Rolls Royce Ghost was around Rs 1.5 crore and the winning bid was for Rs 2.15 crore. There were 13 cars in total and almost all the cars are sold except for one. Nirav Modi owned vehicles like the Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and more such cars.

Meet the man who bought Nirav Modi’s 8 crore rupee Rolls Royce for just 2 crores! [Video]

This is the 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost with about 25,000 km on the odometer reading. Rolls Royce cars can last a lifetime if proper care is given to the vehicle. It also has a VIP number. It is not known if the Maharashtra registration will be replaced by a new Rajasthan registration number yet. Since the car will be a permanent resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, it is highly likely that the older registration will be given up by the owner and the Ghost will be re-registered in Jodhpur.

Manoj Sharma owns several luxury cars and we could spot a Mustang parked beside the Ghost. He is also an avid bike rider according to the video.

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