Nissan considering sporty, supercharged Micra NISMO hatchback for India?

Nissan India is considering the NISMO high performance sub-brand for the Indian car market. One of the first mass market cars to bear the sporty, NISMO plates is likely to be the Micra hatchback. The Micra, which opened to a decent start in India during 2009, is now an also-ran in the hatchback market here. A NISMO tuned Micra with a supercharged 1.2 liter-3 cylinder petrol motor could be just what the doctor ordered, in order to infuse a modicum of thrill around the car. The Indian hot hatchback segment is warming up nicely what with the likes of the Polo GT twins and the Punto EVO 90 HP being launched here.

Nissan considering sporty, supercharged Micra NISMO hatchback for India?

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The NISMO Micra’s supercharged 1.2 liter petrol motor outputs 114 Bhp of peak power and 156 Nm of peak torque, a dramatic improvement over the non-supercharged version of this very engine, which gets outputs of 74 Bhp and 104 Nm. NISMO offers 5 speed manual and  CVT automatic gearbox options on the high performance Micra, which also gets a sporty body kit to go along with the performance boost. The suspension also sees a major makeover, with sporty dampers being added to transform the NISMO Micra’s handling.

The alloy wheels see an upsize to 16 inchers while the tyre spec gets grippier Bridgestone Potenzas. The NISMO Micra’s interiors also adopt a sporty theme with a new steering wheel that is smaller, an all-black theme for the interiors, new instrumentation and contrast stitched seats. This is not the first instance of the news suggesting that the NISMO Micra is India bound. A similar news story broke out last year but the NISMO Micra is yet to be officially announced by Nissan India. As things stand currently, there is no clarity on the exact time frame of the NISMO Micra’s India launch.

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