Nissan doesn’t want you to wash your car – Here’s why!

Self driving cars might still be a few years away but the self cleaning car might be closer to reality as Nissan has just demonstrated. The Japanese car maker has showcased a Note hatchback equipped with a paint finish that is hydrophobic (water resistant) and oleophobic (oil/grime resistant).

Nissan Note hatchback with the "Ultra-Ever Dry" self cleaning paint coating image
Nissan Note hatchback with the "Ultra-Ever Dry" self cleaning paint coating


The paint job creates a protective pocket of air between the car and elements surrounding it. This pocket of air ensures that the dirt and grime which would otherwise stick onto the car’s body gets repelled. Wondering how it works in the real world? Do watch the video we’ve lined up right below.

Nissan claims to have tested the new paint technology in rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water, and the Note hatchback painted with the “Ultra-Dry Ever” paint does come out cleaner even after being subjected to a spot of slush. As of now, Nissan has no plans of making the Ultra-Dry Ever paint finish standard on its existing range of cars, indicating that the technology is still a while away from becoming mainstream.

However, the automaker is positive about offering the paint finish as an optional extra on its car range in the times to come. The exact timeline on when this technology will be made available on Nissan cars remains unknown for now. Notably, UltraTech International Inc, an American company that works in the field of Nano Technology is behind the Ultra-Dry Ever paint coating on the Nissan Note hatchback.

Given the fact that there are scores of nano-tech companies working on automobile paint coatings, there’s a fat chance that these coatings will eventually be available to the average customer just as the Teflon and underbody coatings are now available as after market solutions. Eventually, your neighborhood car wash center might just become redundant.