Nissan unveiled the Indian-made Evalia multi-purpose vehicle at the Auto Expo 2012 and is likely to launch it in the second half the year.

Evalia has rather functional looks with a short bonnet, conventional front doors and sliding rear ones. The angular front lamps and large glass area help break the monotony in an otherwise boxy design.

nissan evalia photo

The would-be Toyota Innova competitor’s main USP is the passenger space—it is 4.4 metres long, 1.88 metres high and 1.69 metres wide and has rather long 2.73m wheelbase, which is 95mm more than Nissan’s X-trail SUV. It will seat 7 people comfortably.

The middle row seating three in the Evalia would be a bench while the first and second rows will have individual seats. The rear seats can be folded to increase luggage space. Dash mounted gear lever will free-up space in the front row.

nissan evalia photo

All variants should come with power steering, reverse camera and an intelligent key.

Evalia will be powered by 1.5 dCI diesel engine is expected to produce 85 or 104 bhp.

We expect Nissan to launch it in the price range of Rs. 9-Rs. 12 lakh.

If build quality is as good as the Innova, and pricing lower, then there is a good chance that the Evalia can be quite competitive against the Innova.


  1. Oh o…one more wrong competetion….how is it possible to compete with 1.5lit engine with Toyota’s 2.5lit diesel engine.. just compare the seating capacity please.. dont compare the engines.. and one more thing Evalia..looks shabby..i m extremely sorry.. I am a fan of Nissan cars but this one is shabby to compete with Toyota’s Innova

  2. One word, rear suspension setup is leaf spring.. er.. how on earth they are going to compete with Innova where it has much advanced suspension setup. Dont even dream about getting anywhere near Innova.. first get your basics right before launching a product that competes with the segment leader..

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