Nissan GT-R supercar stunts ILLEGALLY near PM’s house: Cops launch manhunt

Nissan Gt R

Delhi Police has launched a massive search after a Nissan GT-R supercar was caught doing illegal stunts near a highly sensitive area in the region. As per the news report on ABP NEWS, an Audi car was spotted doing tricks late at night. However, after we reviewed the footage, it turns out to be a Nissan GT-R.

The car reportedly did a few burnouts at Vijay Chowk and then sped away from the spot. The loud noise created by the GT-R allegedly alerted the police and journalists who were present on late-night duty at the place. The Vijay Chowk area is a high-security area due to its proximity to the sensitive installations like the Parliament House and Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is also only a few kilometres away from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s house. A large force of law enforcement officers is posted here round the clock to ensure the safety of the famous buildings and people residing in them.

The exact time of the stunt done by the Nissan GT-R is not known, but the CCTV footage shows a timestamp of 4:30 AM. Around this time, the area remains secluded and is often visited by morning walkers and cyclists. However, in the video, no one else can be spotted, including other cars. The cops are yet to identify the owner and the vehicle’s registration number. However, they are scanning the footage of various CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity to get the exact details of the car and its owner.

The car in the video looks unique and has a dual-tone colour on the exterior. In fact, the front-end of the car could be carbon fibre set-up. Since such vehicles are quite rare in the Indian market, the cops are expected to identify the culprit sooner than later.

Doing stunts on the public road is an illegal act and the culprits can be punished using various laws. Also, the owner can be sent to jail and the vehicle can get seized. Since the incident happened in a high-profile area, the cops are trying to solve the case as soon as possible. Public road stunts can be extremely dangerous, even if the roads are empty. Since there is no control over the entry of the other vehicles on the road, massive accidents can happen. Also, public roads are uncontrolled situations and if anything goes wrong or the car loses control, the damage to the public property can be massive.

Nissan GT-R supercar stunts ILLEGALLY near PM’s house: Cops launch manhunt

In the past, cops from many other states including Delhi, have arrested stunt riders. However, this is one of its first-time cases when a supercar has been involved in doing stunts on the public roads of Delhi. One should always do such stunts at a controlled place or a racetrack where the entry of other vehicles can be controlled. Such places are much safer to do stunts and are also not illegal.