Haryana minister’s nephew stunts near PM’s house: Nissan GT-R supercar SEIZED, driver arrested

Delhi Police launched a manhunt to catch the driver of the Nissan GT-R, who did stunts at the highly sensitive area of New Delhi on Saturday. Now according to reports on TOI and Times Now, the police have seized the heavily modified Nissan GT-R and the driver has been arrested too. The driver of the Nissan GT-R did stunts at the Vijay Chowk, which is a highly sensitive area of the capital.

The Nissan GT-R performed stunts like drifting and doughnuts at the Vijay Chowk area at around 4:30 AM on Saturday. The area remains secluded but there are police officers on duty all around the clock in the area. The Nissan GT-R came at a high speed and did a few stunts which created a loud noise and shocked the police officers and journalists present at the spot. The driver of the Nissan GT-R left the area soon after but the whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera installed in the area.

The Delhi Police then launched a manhunt to capture the culprit driver and his vehicle. The owner of the car was driving the vehicle. As per reports, he has been identified as Sarvesh Sandhu, who is the nephew of BJP-leader and Haryana Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu.

Sarvesh Sandhu With His Nissan Gt R Supercar Featured

As per reports, the Nissan GT-R was so loud that the journalists present at the spot ran for cover. The eyewitnesses present at the spot also said that the vehicle did cracking sounds and flames came out of it. The Nissan GT-R was identified by the police after they examined all the CCTV cameras in the surroundings. Sarvesh, who is the owner and was driving the vehicle at that time said that he hid the vehicle at a farmhouse in Kapashera after the video of his vehicle became viral on the Internet. The cops have arrested Sarvesha and have also seized the vehicle. Sarvesh said to the police officers that he found the area empty and that’s why he went on to do the stunts. It should be noted that doing stunts on public roads is illegal and the vehicle can get seized, just like in this case.

The iconic Vijay Chowk area is a tourist destination. It is located next to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament House of India. This is the area where the Republic Day and Independence Day parades happen. Due to its proximity to the important buildings and the Prime Minister’s home, the area is monitored round the clock by the cops.

The Nissan GT-R in the video gets a VIP numberplate, which probably has been transferred from an old vehicle to this one. There are many videos of the same Nissan GT-R throwing flames on Youtube. Reportedly, it is a heavily modified vehicle and produces more than 800 Bhp of power.

Featured image courtesy ACI