Nissan India Official - Terrano SUV to soon gain an All Wheel Drive option

Nissan India Official – Terrano SUV to soon gain an All Wheel Drive option

The Nissan Terrano SUV will soon gain an all wheel drive option. This information was revealed to CarToq by a top Nissan official in a recent interaction. On quizzed whether the Terrano AWD would be too pricey considering the fact that the Renault Duster AWD already retails at 13 lakh rupees, the Nissan official noted that customer clinics have indicated that the Terrano buyer was willing to fork out the additional premium than an all wheel drive equipped model will entail.

The Terrano AWD is likely to be launched in 2015, in a bid to shore up sales of the compact SUV. Expect the price of the Terrano AWD to be pegged close to the 14 lakh rupee mark. After a promising start at the hustings during the first half of 2014, the Nissan Terrano has ceded ground rapidly in the second half of the year, so much so that the SUV’s monthly sales have now hit triple digits.

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An AWD variant of the Terrano will build the much needed buzz around the SUV, while also giving buyers the choice of a capable all wheel drive vehicle that can take on multiple terrains with aplomb. The Terrano is the badge engineered version of the Renault Duster and represents the last badge engineered vehicle that the Renault-Nissan alliance will launch in India. In terms of features, expect the Terrano AWD to pack in all the additional equipment that the Duster AWD brought to the table.

Apart from the Haldex clutch equipped all wheel drive system, a hill hold assist feature, electronic stability program, traction control, cruise control, speed limited, a MediaNav infotainment interface, mildly revised exteriors and interiors. Many buyers opting for the Terrano do so given the SUV’s good styling that many feel is better than that of the Duster. With an AWD option in tow, the Terrano will become more attractive than before.

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