This beautifully resto-modded Nissan Jonga is CHEAPER than a Maruti Gypsy

There are many well-maintained, restored and resto-modded examples of the Nissan Jonga in the Indian market. This Nissan Jonga has been restored excellently by WS Design and it is known as the Arctic Edition because of the white colour it dons. This gorgeous example can be yours for Rs. 7 lakhs, which makes it cheaper than a brand new Maruti Gypsy (priced at Rs. 7.1 lakhs, on-road Delhi for the soft top version)

Jonga 6

This Nissan Jonga is registered in Punjab and is for sale. The asking price is Rs. 7 lakhs with all the modifications in place. For further information, you can contact WS Design, Mumbai directly at +91-9833136614.

Nissan Jonga is one of the rare and mysterious cars in India. The Jonga was designed in the 1960s and was available in many international markets. It got the name JONGA after getting inducted in the Indian army. It stands of Jabalpur Ordinance and Gun carriage Assembly. The Jonga remained the truster Army car for a long time and it was also sold to the civilians for a short period of time in India before it was discontinued from the Indian market.

Jonga 7

According to the information shared with us, this Nissan Jonga is from 1993 and the original engine of the vehicle has been replaced with a more reliable and modern diesel engine. The Nissan Jonga now gets power from the 2017 Mahindra Di turbo-diesel engine that powers many Mahindra vehicles including the Thar and the Bolero.

Jonga 4

It gets a 5-speed manual transmission and there is no 4X4 set-up in it. The Mahindra DI engines are known for their easy maintenance and are extremely reliable. In the Mahindra Thar DI, it produces a maximum power of 63 Bhp and a peak torque of 195 Nm. This engine has a very simple construction and can be mended by almost all the roadside mechanics.

Jonga 5

With the new aftermarket paint job on its body, the Jonga also gets aftermarket LED headlamps, LED tail lamps and off-road spec tyres on the outside. The steel rims are painted in white that looks quite interesting and matches up with the body of the SUV perfectly. The vehicle gets aftermarket bumpers, which has been painted in the body colour too. It looks very nice and can give competition to most of the modern-day SUVs in the market.

Jonga 3

The interior of the Nissan Jonga has been completely stripped off and renovated. It gets premium interiors with aftermarket camouflaged seats, waterproof camouflaged outer soft-top roof with diamond stitched inner roof lining, the flooring is also made up of diamond-stitched fabric that gives a very premium feeling inside the cabin.

Jonga 2

Even the rear trims of the vehicle get the same camouflaged fabric that makes it look quite good from the inside. The Nissan Jonga also gets a new dashboard with a new instrument console. There are new gauges in the instrument cluster that show the information of various readings in the vehicle.

Jonga 1