Nissan Kick Compact SUV Concept Revealed at Brazil's Sau Paulo Motor Show of 2014

Nissan Kick Compact SUV Concept Revealed at Brazil’s Sau Paulo Motor Show of 2014

Nissan has revealed the Kick compact SUV concept at Brazil’s Sau Paulo Motor Show, a biennial event that happens at the Brazilian capital city. The Kick compact SUV concept is a successor to the Extrem concept that Nissan had showcased at Sau Paulo a couple of years ago. The Kick is the logical progression of the Extrem concept and the lines of this compact SUV take it closer to a production reality. Nissan has been talking about a new compact SUV that will sit beneath the Terrano, for the emerging car markets of the world, Brazil and India included. Nissan India has planned a compact SUV for a 2016 launch.

Nissan Kick Compact SUV Concept Pic
Nissan Kick Compact SUV Concept


The Kick concept seems like the prelude to the new compact SUV that Nissan is putting together for emerging car markets around the globe. While the Kick concept clocks in dimensions of 4.3 meters in length, 1.8 meters in width and 1.6 meters in height apart from riding on tall, 19 inch wheels, the compact SUV could have a sub-4 meter future for the Indian car market. This is a trait that isn’t new though. Consider the case of the 2015 Ford Figo based compact sedan, which measures over 4 meters in Brazil, while being cut short to suit the sub-4 meter dimension in India for excise duty considerations.

While Extrem concept used the Nissan V platform, a popular underpinning that supports the likes of the Micra and the Sunny cars, the Kick compact SUV concept could make a radical departure to the common module family (CMF) architecture, which is a bold new manufacturing and sourcing bet that Renault and Nissan have adopted globally. Considering the fact that both the Micra and Sunny will shift to the CMF architecture for their next generations, the Kick also using the CMF architecture seems a logical progression for the compact SUV, especially given its global intentions.

Engine and transmission details of the Kick compact SUV concept remain under wraps. Petrol and turbo diesel engines are likely to be in the motor mix, with both manual and automatic transmission options given the Kick’s production ambitions. A front wheel drive layout as standard fare, with an all wheel drive layout for specific markets could be the other details on the Kick concept’s production version. If the Kick makes it to production and arrives into India, expect the compact SUV to rub shoulders with other sub-4 meter offerings such as the Ford EcoSport and the upcoming Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha.