Nissan Leaf making an Indian entry

The Indian car industry hasn’t really appreciated most hybrids and electric vehicles till date, be it the Reva, the E2o or the Civic Hybrid. However, with the rising concern of pollution, people are now opening up to look at hybrid vehicles that aren’t too expensive. Look at the Camry hybrid for instance which accounts to almost 80-90% of the total Camry sales. Seeing this trend, a few manufacturers are planning to bring in their electric and hybrid vehicles to India. Nissan will begin that with the X-Trail hybrid next year and follow it up with their all electric vehicle, the Leaf.

Nissan Leaf making an Indian entry

According to a report by Carandbikeshow, the company is planning to launch the Leaf in 2018 and will even be showcasing the vehicle at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo. Powering the Leaf is an electric motor which is driven by batteries. Overall output is 107 Bhp. It has a charge time of 8 hours and a full range of 160 kms. As with all hybrids, the vehicle has regenerative braking which converts the heat generated while braking into electricity and it is fed back to the battery to keep the range as high as possible.

The Leaf has been on sale globally for quite sometime now and is the highest selling electric car  across the world. It has managed to sell close to 2.39 lakh units all over the world. It looks like a normal car, unlike most other electric vehicles and yet manages to be pretty funky. As good as everything may sound, there is one main problem though. Price. Since the Leaf will most likely be a CBU, it will be priced pretty steeply. From the looks of it, the company isn’t targeting very high volumes with the Leaf, rather it wants to give the urban crowd a clean and high end alternative to the larger cars.

This move will see Nissan getting more global with their Indian portfolio. The company is soon launching the GT-R and X-Trail which will also help in strengthening the brand’s Indian portfolio. Thus we may finally see more global products from Nissan coming our way.