Nissan Magnite goes off roading: Can it cope?

Launched in the Indian market last year, the Nissan Magnite has become a popular choice in the market. The demand for the Magnite became so high that the waiting period is currently several months in a few cities. While none of the sub-4m compact SUVs is a capable off-roader, they can sure go off the tarmac and tackle a few obstacles, if needed. Here is a video that shows Nissan Magnite going around an off-roading track and showing off its skills.

The video by Harshys Automotive shows the Nissan Magnite top-end manual version. It gets powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of about 100 PS and a peak torque of 160 Nm. This one gets a five-speed manual transmission but Nissan also offers a CVT option with this engine.

The video shows the Nissan Magnite going through various obstacles. First off, it starts the session by going through an unlevelled surface and a small dip, which it crosses successfully without much or a problem. One of the rear tyres does come up in the air, showing the suspension travel of the vehicle but it crosses the challenge without any problem.

The second obstacle is a small incline climb with loose dirt at the base. The Magnite climbs on the incline after some wheelspin but it does the job well. They also do a side rollover test with a small incline. Since Magnite has high ground clearance, it is not so top-heavy and that is why it is quite stable around the corners at high speed too.

Traction control helps

Nissan Magnite goes off roading: Can it cope?

One of the challenges also shows Nissan Magnite’s capability to climb on steeper incline surfaces. With a long overhang, it does not touch anywhere. However, the video does show the same climb with the traction control system in the off and then on position. In the off position, the Magnite’s front wheel keeps on spinning and it just could not climb up after a point. However, with the traction control system on, it works perfectly and climbs without any drama. In fact, there is no wheelspin with the traction control system turned on.

Nonetheless, the Magnite can sure tackle some bad surfaces without much problem. It is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and is aided by high ground clearance. The Magnite offers 205mm of ground clearance and an ample amount of power is good enough for the vehicle to go through tricky situations.

However, you should note that any hatchback with a good amount of ground clearance and traction control will be able to complete these challenges as well. In fact, all the vehicles from this segment are similarly capable and will be able to take on the same trail with an equal or similar amount of efforts.

No manufacturer offers a 4WD or 4X4 in this segment due to the high price of development and then the high price of the vehicle itself. Most Indian customers prefer value-for-money products with a longer features list compared to the capability of the vehicle itself.