Nissan Magnite: Owner reviews it after completing around 1,000 kms

Nissan Magnite was actually a game changer for Nissan in Indian market. This was a make or break product for Nissan as they were losing their charm in our market. Nissan Magnite is an SUV that is made in India for global market. It was launched in the market last year and quickly became popular among buyers for its looks and the price. The Nissan Magnite when launched was the most affordable compact SUV one can buy in the country. Even now, the top-end variant of the SUV is priced under Rs 10 lakh, ex-showroom. There is a long waiting period on the SUV depending upon the variant you choose. Here we have a video where the owner of a Magnite XV trim can be seen sharing his experience with the vehicle after covering almost 1,000 kms.

The video has been uploaded by MynameisAugY on their YouTube channel. The video all about the owner sharing his experience with the Nissan Magnite which he had bought on 1st of February 2021. The owner was looking for a compact SUV and had already done test drives of Nexon, Sonet and other rivals. One of the reason why he finalised Magnite was its price only. The XV trim which is one below the top-end trim is being sold under 10 lakh.

The owner starts by giving a small walkaround of the SUV. He has bought Onyx black shade which looks extremely good on the SUV. One of the things that he is not that he did not like about the SUV is its front grille. He mentions that it does remind him of the ones seen in Datsun cars. Other than the grille the owner liked everything else on the vehicle. In fact, he can be heard saying that the rear portion of the Magnite is his favourite.

Nissan Magnite: Owner reviews it after completing around 1,000 kms

Once he had explained the exterior, the owner moved to the interior and starts explaining all the things that he liked and some of things that could have been improved. The cabin offers fair amount of space, the seat gives him a commanding position and the large windows give it an airy look. There is enough space for 4 passengers in the car but, if you don’t want to use the center armrest at the rear, then it can accommodate 5 occupants.

The things he thought could have improved include an armrest. The XV trim does not offer an armrest which is useful for driver during long drives. Other than that, the position of door lock/unlock knob on the window could have been placed next to the inner door handle for convenience. Other than that, he had no other complaints about the vehicle. He drove both Turbo and naturally aspirated version and came into a conclusion that for his use, he need the naturally aspirated version and not Turbo. The price difference between both version was also another reason. He has already done some trips in the Magnite and said that ride in comfortable and the car has been returning 18-20 kmpl.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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