Nissan Magnite Turbo vs Hyundai Venue Turbo: Who’s faster in a drag race?

Things are heating up in the sub-4 meter compact SUV segment. More and more manufacturers are entering this segment with new products and existing models are being updated time to time to keep up with the competition. A trend that is currently seen in this segment is that manufacturers are coming with turbo petrol engines. Hyundai Venue has one, so does Kia Sonet, Tata Nexon, Mahindra XUV300 and recently launched Nissan Magnite. In this, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet and Nissan Magnite are available with both naturally aspirated and turbo petrol engine. Here we have a small drag race video between the recently launched Nissan Magnite Turbo and Hyundai Venue Turbo to find out which one is more powerful.

The video has been uploaded by The Drivers Hub on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger explaining the technical specifications of both Hyundai Venue and the Nissan Magnite. The vlogger was driving the Magnite while his friend was inside the Venue. On paper both Hyundai Venue and Nissan Magnite are powered by the same 1.0 litre, three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The Nissan Magnite’s engine generates a maximum of 100 Ps and 160 Nm of peak torque. The Hyundai Venue on the other hand generates 120 Ps and 172 Nm of torque. Both SUVs used in this drag get a manual transmission.

The race starts. Both SUVs are lined up on an empty straight road and the traction control was turned off in both SUVs so that it does not interfere during the wheel spin. The race starts and both SUVs move at the same time. Surprisingly, the Nissan Magnite then takes the lead and it felt like Hyundai Venue was struggling. Soon Hyundai Venue also started to catch up but, by then the Nissan Magnite had crossed the finish line. Race was conducted only in one round. The results were quite shocking because on paper Hyundai Venue was clearly winning the race.

Nissan Magnite Turbo vs Hyundai Venue Turbo: Who’s faster in a drag race?

The only benefit that Nissan Magnite has in this particular race is the weight. The Hyundai Venue is 1154 kilograms whereas the Nissan Magnite weighs 1014 kilograms. Nissan Magnite is 140 kilograms lighter than Hyundai Venue which helped it get a lead early and maintain it. Nissan being the lighter car helped it accelerate better. The throttle response was bit more quick in the Magnite than in the Venue.

As Venue was heavier, it took a bit more time for the SUV to show its true colour by the time it had started performing, the race had already ended. If you notice the video carefully, Nissan Magnite had only won the race by a very small margin. If the track was bit more longer, the results would have been different. It was only because of the lightweight body of Nissan Magnite that helped it win the race.

The light weight body does not mean Nissan Magnite is not a safe car or SUV. It was recently tested by ASEAN NCAP and it scored 4 star rating at the crash test. Nissan Magnite is currently the most affordable sub-4 meter compact SUV sold in the country. Things will soon change when Renault will launch their new SUV Kiger in the market this month.

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