Nissan makes significant changes to its line up

Nissan India has made a lot of changes to their Indian line up. So what’s new?



The Micra range has got the most significant change. Previously, the Micra came with both petrol and diesel options and the petrol had a manual and an automatic gearbox. Nissan has now dropped the petrol manual altogether.

The petrol only comes in the CVT now. So to sum up, the diesel only has the XL and XL(O) trim where as the petrol now comes in XL and XV trim. The top of the line diesel and the base petrol has been discontinued. The petrol starts at Rs 5.99 lakhs where as the diesel starts at Rs 6.49 lakhs.

Micra Active

Nissan Micra Active

The Micra Active only comes in petrol manual guise, we guess that is the reason why the petrol was discontinued on the normal Micra. It will be available in 3 trim levels, XL, XV and XV S.  The range starts at Rs 4.56 lakhs.


Nissan Sunny

The Sunny range hasn’t had much changes done. The CVT which was earlier available in the lower model now comes only on the top of the line XV trim. The top of the line XV diesel Premium trim has been discontinued. So currently, the Sunny has 2 petrol manual variants, 1 CVT variant and 4 diesel ones. Petrol starts at Rs 7.91 lakhs and the diesel at Rs 8.80 lakhs.


Nissan Terrano

The number of models in Terrano line up has also been reduced. Now, there is only one petrol variant and 3 diesel variants. 2 of them are the 85 PS ones and one is the 110 PS. The petrol and diesel both start at Rs 9.99 lakhs

*All prices ex showroom Delhi.

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