Nissan may launch Note e-Power in India

After showing interest in launching the all-new Nissan Leaf in India, the Japanese carmaker is now contemplating to launch yet another electric vehicle. Nissan is now looking at the Note e-Power electric vehicle for the Indian market. It is an electric vehicle that comes with a 1198cc petrol engine that serves as a range extender. It frees the vehicle from stand-alone charging sockets and lets the user fill in fuel to charge the battery.

Nissan may launch Note e-Power in India

Daniele Schillaci, executive vice president, Global Marketing and Sales, Nissan Motor Co said that the e-Power technology will be very convenient for the Indian customers. Due to lack of electric vehicle charging network, the petrol-powered engine can charge the battery instead and increase the range.

The Note e-Power was the second best selling vehicle in Japan in the first half of 2017. Schillaci has also confirmed that Nissan will soon launch a pilot test runs of electric vehicles in India. The test runs will start with the Nissan Leaf in India this year. The brand will evaluate both Leaf and Note e-Power for the Indian market.

With India’s plan to shift completely to electric-powered cars by 2030, manufacturers are responding to the decision. However, the Indian government has also laid plans of shifting to BS VI pollution regulation by 2020. Manufacturers are very confused about the decision by the cabinet ministers and are seeking more clarity on the rulings.

The electric cars to India will be a big shift for the country. Presently, only Mahindra and Mahindra offers electric vehicles in India. But due to the lack of electric charging network and excessive price of the vehicles, they are not very popular in the market at the moment. Government is mulling policies for the same.


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