Nissan may redesign some features of the Evalia to boost sales

Nissan is taking some parts of the Nissan Evalia MPV that it launched in October last year back to the drawing board after receiving feedback from multiple sources. And these features are the primary reason for the dismal sales of the vehicle so far.

The Nissan Evalia has been selling really few vehicles in a segment where competitors are seeing huge numbers. The Toyota Innova, which is nearly Rs. 3 lakh more expensive than the Nissan Evalia sells over 5000 units a month. The Mahindra Xylo clocks over 2000 units a month. The Maruti Ertiga pushes 6000 units out every month. The Nissan Evalia only managed 117 units last month, while total sales since its launch in October have been only 1,524 units! Also read: Nissan Evalia detailed road test and review

Nissan may redesign some features of the Evalia to boost sales

When Nissan launched the Evalia in October last year, one consistent feedback it got from many quarters was regarding the rear (middle-row) windows. The middle row in the Nissan Evalia comes with sliding doors on either side, which is a great feature to have especially in crowded parking lots. However, the one big miss are the windows. The middle-row windows don’t open, or rather they don’t open much. The middle row has butterfly type windows that pop open just an inch to allow airflow but are practically useless otherwise. Butterfly type windows are usually found in the third row in some vehicles like the Mahindra Scorpio and Chevrolet Tavera. Also read: Why isn’t the Nissan Evalia selling? 

This makes the vehicle impractical for use in a country like India where not everyone wants to travel with the airconditioning switched on all the time. Some cab operators who would have otherwise been interested in the Nissan Evalia have probably turned away because they can’t run it as a “non-AC” cab when needed.

Nissan may redesign some features of the Evalia to boost sales

The second issue was with the air-conditioning itself. The Nissan Evalia has a brilliant AC, which chills pretty well. However, there are no vents for passengers in the middle row. The last row has vents and independent blower control and of course the front two seats, but there’s nothing in the middle, which makes this row relatively uncomfortable. Also read:Nissan Evalia vs Mahindra Xylo

The third issue was with the seating, again in the middle row. The front seats are comfortable and recline. The third row seats are also comfortable and recline, and have decent legroom. There’s even access to bottle and cupholders. However, the middle row seats are relatively upright and don’t have armrests or accessible cupholders either.

AutoCar India now reports that Nissan is redesigning the windows in the middle row to a basic sliding type window for India. The company has given up trying to put in winding windows or power windows as too many complex changes were required. It also reports that the middle row seats will be spruced up – probably with the addition of an armrest, and there are likely to be some minor exterior cosmetic changes as well.

The refreshed Nissan Evalia may be launched by October this year. Also watch: Nissan Evalia detailed video review 

Source: AutoCar India