Nissan planning to launch Sunny CNG soon

Nissan is planning to launch a dual-fuel CNG-powered variant of its Sunny sedan in the coming months.  A CNG variant of the Sunny could improve the cars prospects in metros. The Sunny diesel is right now the more popular variant of the car.

CarToq Community Member Anupam Bhatnagar who recently bought a Nissan Sunny XL Diesel after a discussion on managed to get some inside information from a Nissan dealer. The dealer informed him that the CNG Sunny was undergoing tests and would likely be launched in the next couple of months.

Nissan planning to launch Sunny CNG soon
Photo: The Nissan Sunny CNG could become very popular in metros

A CNG variant of the Sunny could prove to be very useful for Nissan; it may help the brand push sales of the Sunny. The car has been selling at over 2,500 units a month, after an initial surge to over 4,000 units. The Sunny petrol has a claimed mileage of 17 Kmpl and a CNG option will make it much more economical and practical.

Another reason why the Sunny is a good car to put CNG in is its large 490 litre boot, which can not only gobble up a CNG cylinder with ease, but will still have at least 300 plus litres of luggage space to store a few bags. We do not know whether Nissan will offer CNG on all variants of the Sunny, but assuming the mid-trim XL variant gets CNG it could be priced at around Rs. 7.60 lakh in Delhi.

This price would pit it against the Maruti Suzuki Sx4 Green (CNG variant) priced at Rs. 7.72 lakh. Now the Sunny is not only going to be cheaper than the Sx4 CNG but will also have more space on offer. Would you buy the Nissan Sunny CNG? Share your views in the comments section below!