Nissan Sunny, Micra January 2012 price hike

Nissan Sunny petrol and Micra to get costlier January 2012 onward

Nissan India will likely hike the price of all Micra variants and the Sunny petrol variant by three per cent with effect from January 2012. CarToq spoke to a Nissan dealer who confirmed the imminent price hike. The company recently launched the Sunny diesel and hence it will be exempted from this price hike.

nissan sunny

Nissan like its Japanese counterparts is suffering due to the falling value of the rupee and rising value of the yen and increasing input costs. So in order to protect its margin, the car maker has announced a price hike.

Nissan is one of several other manufacturers who have announced price hiked with effect from January 2012. For instance, Ford, General Motors (GM) India, Hyundai India and Toyota will all hike the prices of their cars by around 2% from January 2012 onwards.

Let’s take a quick look at what the prices will look like post the January 2012 hike with the help of a table:

[table id=608 /]

*Prices mentioned are estimated prices of the base variants, actual prices and hike may vary