Nissan Terrano launched at premium pricing starting at Rs. 9.6 lakh

The Nissan Terrano has finally been launched with a bit of a premium price tag. It is available in seven variants (six diesel and one petrol) priced between Rs. 9.6 lakh for the base XE diesel going up to Rs. 12.46 lakh for the top-end XV Premium diesel. At this pricing, the Nissan Terrano definitely cannot be called value for money, considering it is but a badge-engineered Renault Duster.

Suddenly, the Renault Duster appears attractive when placed next to the Terrano with this kind of pricing. Sure, the Nissan Terrano has a bit more to offer than the Duster in terms of safety kit (all variants have at least one airbag, and the mid and top variants have ABS with EBD), but that does not quite justify the price tag. However, Nissan really didn’t have a choice, given it was launching a badge-engineered Renault product, and if it was priced too close, it would have cannibalized Duster sales. So far Nissan claims to have got about 6,000 pre-bookings for the Terrano. Also see: Nissan Terrano variants and features explained 

Nissan Terrano launched at premium pricing starting at Rs. 9.6 lakh

Prices and variants

Petrol models

Nissan Terrano XL : Rs. 9,79,300

Diesel models

Nissan Terrano 85 XE : Rs. 9,59,999

Nissan Terrano 85 XL : Rs. 10,66,300

Nissan Terrano 85 XL Plus: Rs. 10,94,050

Nissan Terrano 110 XL: Rs. 11,33,300

Nissan Terrano 110 XV: Rs. 12,16,350

Nissan Terrano 110 XV Premium: Rs. 12,46,350

(All prices ex-showroom, Delhi)

Can the Terrano justify the premium price tag?

To put these price tags in perspective, the Renault Duster is priced at Rs. 7.99 lakh for the base petrol variant (the Terrano does not have an equivalent). The base diesel variant of the Renault Duster is priced at Rs. 8.73 lakh, which is Rs. 87,000 cheaper than the Nissan Terrano. Of course, you don’t get an airbag in the Duster, in terms of equipment, but all other features are similar. In fact, none of the Nissan Terrano variants offer steering audio controls, while the Duster does. Also see: Nissan Terrano detailed PHOTO gallery 

Nissan Terrano launched at premium pricing starting at Rs. 9.6 lakh

Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster at a glance

What the Terrano does offer is slightly more sophisticated styling in comparison to the Renault Duster. It gets full body coloured bumpers on all variants with a redesigned front and rear. Interior passenger space and utility space is exactly the same. The Nissan Terrano though offers a higher level of safety features compared to the Duster. The Renault Duster offers two airbags in the 110 RXZ variant and the 85 RXL option pack variant. It also offers ABS only on the RXL 85 Option Pack, and all the 110 PS variants. See: Full Nissan Terrano VIDEO review

Let’s consider the top-end variants for a moment: the Renault Duster RXZ 110 PS vs the Nissan Terrano 110 XV Premium. The Duster is priced at 12.18 lakh, which is about Rs. 28,000 cheaper than the Nissan Terrano – pretty close indeed. Both vehicles are equal on features, except for steering audio controls, which the Renault Duster offers.

Would you be willing to pay a premium for the Nissan Terrano then?

Nissan Terrano vs Mahindra Scorpio at a glance

Compared to the Mahindra Scorpio, the Nissan Terrano seems even less value for money. The top-end Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT (automatic) 4×4 variant is priced at Rs. 12.56 lakh ex-showroom, and besides the six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, it is loaded with features including cruise control, steering audio controls and tyre pressure monitoring – all features the Terrano does not have. The Mahindra Scorpio VLX 2WD manual transmission variant, which would probably be a more apt comparison being a two-wheel drive is priced nearly Rs. 1.5 lakh cheaper at Rs. 10.96 lakh ex-showroom!

Do you think it’s still worth paying a premium for the Nissan Terrano?

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