Nissan to launch all-new Sunny in 2018

Renault-Nissan recently announced that the alliance will concentrate only on two platforms in the Indian market. The decision was taken to keep the cost of the products low. According to a report, Nissan is now working on the facelift of the Sunny and it will be launched in 2018.

Nissan to launch all-new Sunny in 2018

The new Sunny will be based on the new Micra hatchback (K14) and it will get extended wheelbase for fitting the Sunny’s body on it. The new vehicle will be a global model, just like the current one and will be sold in the left-hand and the right-hand drive markets. While the all-new Sunny in the global market will feature the latest version of the V platform, the Indian market will get Renault-Nissan’s CMF architecture to keep the cost down.

The report also claims that the new vehicle will not be as long as the current Sunny. The designers working on the new vehicle are looking for the perfect balance between space and agility. It will help the vehicle to take on the competition like Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. It will also go against the upcoming Hyundai Verna.

Nissan will power the new-generation Sunny with the 1.5-litre H4K petrol engine that is found in the Renault Duster. The four-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 104 Bhp. However, the diesel engine might be omitted from the new Sunny. This comes as a surprise as many customers still prefer diesel vehicles over petrol in India. Nissan may add a diesel engine to cater the Indian market.

Nissan will also launch a few products before the Sunny in India. The brand is expected to launch the Nissan Kick, which will be the competitor to the upcoming Renault Kaptur. The low-cost arm of Nissan, Datsun will launch the Go Cross crossover in coming months.

Via: ACI

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