Nitin Gadkari approves higher speed limits on India’s national highways and expressways

You’ll soon be able to cruise faster on Indian national highways and expressways. Union minister for road transport and highways, Nitin Gadkari, has increased speed limits. The speed limit on national highways has been increased from 80 Kmph to 100 Kmph, and that on expressways has increased from 100 Kmph to 120 Kmph. However, you must remember that speed limits of national highways when passing through cities/villages is much lower, and have to keep your eyes peeled out for signboards that indicate lower speed limits. Minister Gadkari has now sent the higher speed limits to the law ministry for approval, following which they will become official.

Nitin Gadkari approves higher speed limits on India’s national highways and expressways

Other speed limits have also been raised. Within the city, the speed limit for cars go up to 70 Kmph from 60 Kmph, and for bikes, it’s 60 Kmph now. On highways, two wheelers have a speed limit of 80 Kmph, and this is applicable to superbikes as well. Speed limits for commercial vehicles are different. The expressway speed limit for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses is 100 Kmph, and 90 Kmph for national highways. Within the city, heavy vehicles have a speed limit of 60 Kmph. An unnamed official working for the road ministry said,

“We will now send the proposal to the law ministry for vetting after which it will be notified. Within municipal limits, it’s the city government which sets speed limits. At present this varies from state to state.”

What this means is state governments have the right to modify speed limits within cities, depending on local traffic conditions and demands. While the higher speed limits can make travel faster, it does come with dangers. Indian expressways are made of concrete, which makes tire bursts a high possibility during hot summers. So, it is better to take multiple breaks while traveling on expressways during summers. Also, one has to make sure that tire pressures are set right, and all other traffic rules are followed while driving/riding at higher speeds.

News Source: Hindustan Times; Image – TeamBHP