Nitin Gadkari wants citizens to BEAT up RTO officials: Here’s why!

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways of India and Shipping Ministry of MSME is known for his offbeat statements. Gadkari, who is also a senior BJP leader has warned the government officials to face people’s anger if they do not work and resolve their grievances.

Gadkari was addressing a programme of Laghu Udyog, which is an RSS-linked community-based in Nagpur, Maharashtra. During the speech, Gadkari warned the employees of  Region Transport Office to work and resolve the problems. Else, he will tell the people to ‘dhulai karo‘ or trash them. Gadkari also said that the government servants or the people who work in the government service are directly answerable to the people because they have chosen Gadkari as the minister and have reposed faith in him.

The video of the speech uploaded officially by ANI shows that Gadkari is being cheered by the crowd after the statement. In the section of the speech on video, we can hear Mr Gadkari said that he tells government officials that they are public servants and he has been chosen by the public as a minister. Gadkari also added that he is answerable to the people and if the government officials commit a theft, Gadkari will point it out and say that the official is a thief.

Nitin Gadkari wants citizens to BEAT up RTO officials: Here’s why!

Before giving the ‘dhulai karo’ statement, Gadkari said that he met with the RTO officials and asked them to solve the problems faced by the common people within a specific timeframe. Else, he will ask the people to take law into their own hands. Gadkari further added that his teacher taught him that everyone should throw out the system that does not give justice.

It is not known if Gadkari was talking about a particular problem faced by the Nagpur citizens or he was giving a general speech about all the problems faced by the common man. Government organisations like RTOs and other authorities are known for their time-consuming process for any kind of work. It takes days or even months to get things done in such government organisations. However, people taking law in their own hands can turn out ugly. The system should be dependable and if an authority does not work within a given timeframe, there should be strict actions on the officials. Thrashing by the public will only make the matter worse.

Recently, the Motor Vehicle Act was amended by the parliament to increase the fine for traffic violations. The new law has come into effect from 15th August and the fines for all the offences have been increased exponentially. Gadkari said that the higher fines will stop the commuters from doing any illegal activity on the roads.