No rear view mirror on two-wheeler: Cops begin fining owners

Earlier we covered that the Delhi Police started to fine rider who does not have rearview on their motorcycles. Now, Hyderabad cops have started to do the same. Due to this people are starting to feel that they are being burdened by a lot of challans that are unnecessary. However, Section 5 & 7 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 clearly states that all the two-wheelers are required to have two rearview mirrors. Till now no department was strict about this due to which most of the motorists used to remove their rearview mirrors and now suddenly the rule has come into effect.

“In order to educate motorists as well as encourage compliance, the West Delhi Police department held in a drive from January 13 to 23, 2021, wherein it said it would levy fines on two-wheeler riders for using the vehicle without rear-view mirrors,” said a cop.

Now, the same situation is for Hyderabad and people are not happy. ‘The police are issuing such challans just to fill their reserves. Collecting challans of Rs 135 on the pretext of not having rear view mirror clearly states the intention of police department that they just want to burn the common man’s pocket. Also, the issuance of challans for not having rear-view mirrors was pioneered by the Cyberabad police commissionerate and now the Hyderabad police commissionerate is also following in the footsteps.’ said Raj Shekhar, an IT employee.

According to the cops, the rules of the Motors Vehicle Act are for the safety of the motorists. These steps are taken to ensure traffic discipline and reduce road accidents because most riders are not aware that riding without rearview mirrors is a violation. Rear view mirrors help in identifying what is coming from behind. They also are helpful in lane changing, the person can just take a quick glance and change the lanes. Otherwise, the rider has to look back and take his eyes off the road for a longer duration which can be dangerous while riding and can end up in an accident. If you have the rear view mirrors installed, all it takes is a quick glance and the risk of bumping into the vehicle is reduced greatly. However, most of the riders remove the rear view mirror because the motorcycle looks better without them. This is not a good practice, it can be a situation of life or death after all.

One other rule that was passed and the traffic police are strict about is the rear occupant’s seatbelts. Yes, the rear seatbelts for the occupants in a car are now mandatory. So, the occupants sitting on the rear seats also are now required to wear seatbelts. Even the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 clearly states that  “it shall be ensured that the driver, and the person seated in the front seat or the persons occupying front-facing rear seats, as the case may be, wear the seat belts while the vehicle is in motion”. So, it is better to wear seatbelts for your own safety.