No vehicle to be stopped for checks unless there’s violation: Karnataka DGP

DGP of Karnataka, Praveen Sood tweeted that no vehicle can be stopped for checking documents unless the driver has committed a traffic violation or is drunk driving. The DGP has already instructed the same to the Joint Commissioner and Commissioner of Police, Traffic Bengaluru City.

The commissioner issued this statement when people complained of harassment by traffic police on the pretext of document verification. The orders are supposed to be implemented immediately.

The tweet says, “I reiterate again… no vehicle SHALL BE STOPPED merely for checking documents unless it has committed a traffic violation visible to the naked eye. Only exception is drunken driving. Have instructed @CPBlr & @jointcptraffic for its implementation immediately.”

No vehicle to be stopped for checks unless there’s violation: Karnataka DGP

Mumbai police also issued a similar circular

Commissioner of Police, Hemant Nagrale recently issued a new circular to the traffic department. The traffic police are not allowed to harass anyone by stopping unnecessarily and they also can’t check your vehicle without any reason.

This order was given because earlier traffic cops would start stopping the traffic and checking the vehicles. This would cause a traffic jam behind the stopped vehicles. The circular says, ‘Traffic police will not check vehicles, especially where there is a check block, they will only monitor the traffic and focus on it that the traffic moves normally. They will stop a vehicle only if it is affecting the speed of the traffic.”

The circular says that the priority is to monitor the traffic and ensure that there is soothe movement. The cops shouldn’t stop the vehicles unnecessarily. The traffic cops are still allowed to stop the vehicles that are caught breaking rules. They will be then charged under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. Moreover, the traffic cops are not allowed to check the boot of the vehicle. If these rules are not followed or implemented then the senior inspector will be held responsible.

Similar rule applied in Bangalore 

The traffic police of Bangalore cannot stop motorists for checking documents or even a driver’s license. The cops can only stop the vehicles when they violate a rule or during a special drive.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi recently visited Bengaluru. He said that his “double-engine government” is working in every way possible to reduce traffic from Bengaluru and reduce traffic jams. he also said that the government is working on linking the suburban areas of Bangalore with better connectivity.

He was there for the inauguration of multiple rail and road infrastructure projects in Kommaghatta. Narendra Modi said, “To make Bengaluru free from traffic jams, the double-engine government is working on every possible means including rail, road, metro and construction of the underpass, flyover.”