No warranty if mirrors of two-wheelers removed: High Court

India has one of the largest numbers of two-wheelers in the world. In fact, India is one of the largest markets of two-wheelers in the world. And it is a common sight to see the two-wheelers without rearview mirrors. Most people remove the mirrors from the two-wheelers as soon as they take the delivery due to aesthetic reasons.

No warranty if mirrors of two-wheelers removed: High Court

Even though removing the mirrors is illegal and is against the rules, most cops overlook the violation. The Madras High Court has now come up with a new ruling to put these violators in a spot. On Thursday, the court directed the Tamil Nadu transport commissioner to consider requesting the manufacturers and dealers of two-wheelers and cars to incorporate a new condition on the warranty.

The court wants the manufacturers to put a condition that if a two-wheeler or even a four-wheeler remove the rearview mirrors, the warranty should be void. If the new move comes into existence and manufacturers implement the same in the future, thousands or even lakh of two-wheelers may lose the warranty.

The court issued the direction after advocate Ramkumar Adityan moved a plea seeking for the court to direct the authorities to fine two-wheeler riders who remove their rear-view mirrors. Removing the mirrors from any vehicle be it a two-wheeler or four-wheeler is against the law and the police can issue a challan too.

The plea also asked the cops to take steps to ensure traffic discipline and reduce road accidents. Since the cops overlook the violation of removing the mirrors, most riders are not aware that such a rule exists.

Judges agreed with the plea

No warranty if mirrors of two-wheelers removed: High Court

Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar were a part of the first bench. The first bench observed that it is necessary to instruct dealers to ensure vehicles are sold with side and rear-view mirrors. The bench also disposed of the plea observing that dealers are advised to caution customers that the warranty will be void if they remove the mirrors. The manufacturers should also include a clause to the warranty rules, the court said.

Why mirrors are important?

Mirrors give you a clear picture of what is happening behind you. Vehicles move at a fast pace and if you are not careful, accidents can happen. Checking mirrors every now and then. As a starting rule, keep a gap of 5 seconds to glance at the mirrors quickly. It becomes a habit over time and you will not even notice that you subconsciously check the mirrors every now and then. This keeps you aware of the surroundings.

  • Always check mirrors before changing lanes.
  • If you’re on an empty stretch, check mirrors for fast-moving vehicles behind you.
  • Always check mirrors before making a turn.
  • Mirrors should be checked before you take your vehicle from a roadside parking.
  • Always check for vehicles in the blind spot. If you see a vehicle in the mirror and cannot see it anymore, the chances are it is in the vehicle’s blind spot.
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