Noida car washer pours acid on 14 cars: Arrested [Video]

In the most recent incident of vandalism, it was reported that a 25-year-old car washer from an upscale society in Noida vandalized around 14 cars parked in the society’s basement with acid. According to the reports, the man was fired from his job after numerous complaints against him, and enraged with this decision he set out to take revenge by pouring acid on the cars in the parking. The whole footage of him doing this heinous ordeal got caught on CCTV cameras of the building.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning at the Maxblis White House society’s parking lot. The video of the man vandalizing the cars was shared on Twitter and in the video, the man could be seen in the footage carrying acid in his hand and spilling it on as many as 14 parked automobiles in the basement of a Noida flat. The offender was found and later detained by the Noida police after the video went viral on social media and community members reported it to the police.

Following the complaint the accused was arrested, it was then revealed that his name is Ramraj, and he is a citizen of Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district. The reports stated that he used to clean the tenants’ cars as the apartment’s regular sweeper, but he lost his position as a result of residents’ persistent complaints. Ramraj, who was reportedly incensed at being fired, decided to “take revenge for insult” by pouring acid on the automobiles parked in the society’s parking lot.

As per the society members, more than a dozen automobiles’ doors and windscreens were harmed by the acid attack by the perpetrator. After damaging the vehicles, the car washer ran away, but was apprehended by security personnel when an alarm went off, and was later turned over to police. At the Noida Sector 113 police station, he was lodged under Section 427 (mischief) of the Indian Criminal Code.

Noida car washer pours acid on 14 cars: Arrested [Video]

Back in 2019, a few cars parked in a residential parking in the posh area of Delhi were also attacked with acid or some other similar chemical at night. A few cars including vehicles like a MINI Cooper S, Tata Tigor and Hyundai Creta were attacked. The real reason behind the attack was not known but according to the post, it might have been a dispute of parking. No CCTV cameras were installed in the parking slot that could reveal the identity of the culprits or the motive behind the attack. Due to the limited space in Delhi, many residents have to park on the roads and there are many who don’t have a fixed parking space, which causes disputes.

The paint of the cars attacked with the acid or a similar chemical was seen peeling off from the body. The attackers did not hit the vehicles or harmed them but just simply put the liquid on the roof of the vehicles. Since most modern vehicles are equipped with sensors that can trigger the alarm of the vehicle, the attackers must have chosen the way to damage the vehicles without getting detected at all.