Noida girls hang out of Hyundai Venue windows: Fined Rs. 23,500

Holi is the festival of colors yet some make it the festival of stupidity by doing stunts on public roads. This time around in the latest case of creating a ruckus on the streets a Hyundai Venue owner has been fined Rs 23,500 for not obeying road safety rules. The incident is from Sector 15A Noida where two girls were standing out of the windows of the car from both sides.

Noida girls hang out of Hyundai Venue windows: Fined Rs. 23,500

An unknown person from behind took the picture of the car and the two girls and shared it on social media and asked the police authorities to take action against the individuals. As of yet, it has not been reported who is the owner of the Hyundai Venue subcompact SUV or who the girls performing these stunts were. Although it is believed that the police authorities will find them quickly as the car’s number plate was clearly visible.

This incident is not the first of its kind to take place in Noida. The Noida police recently arrested a girl for performing stunts on a Mahindra Scorpio. A girl was seen sitting on the Mahindra Scorpio’s bonnet in the 10-second Internet video that became viral back in November of last year. The woman was arrested by police after the video went viral online, and the Mahindra Scorpio was also confiscated.

The incident happened under the jurisdiction of Sector 24 Police Station in Noida. The exact date and time of the incident remains unknown. The police have not revealed any information on the sections that they have used to charge the girl.

Prior to this woman’s arrest another arrest occurred in Greater Noida where Gautam Buddh Nagar police arrested two youth who were performing stunts on a running car. The youth were performing stunts outside a girls hostel. A video of these young men doing stunts in their car was recorded on a phone and was shared on social media. The video went viral on the internet and the cops decided act against the violators after they received complaint about the incident through social media. The arrest was made by Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park police.

Noida girls hang out of Hyundai Venue windows: Fined Rs. 23,500

Three young men were seen riding on the automobile in the footage that went viral. The first two were standing with the door open, and the third was seated on the bonnet. The automobile was being driven backward on a road in front of a girls’ hostel. The hostel came under the jurisdiction of the Knowledge Park police station. The event occurred in July of this year. Cops launched an investigation soon after receiving the report, and the next day they detained two teenagers and impounded their vehicles. A Toyota Fortuner and a Mahindra Scorpio were also confiscated by cops.

Stunts on public roadways are a criminal offence. By performing such exploits on public roadways, you endanger not only your own life but also the lives of others. When undertaking such stunts, anything can go wrong. Such antics can result in significant injury, and we have seen accounts of such mishaps online as well. If you truly want to conduct stunts, it is always a good idea to do it on private land or on a track. Even if the car loses control in such a controlled setting, no other person on the road will be affected.

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