Two Tata Nexon SUVs With Same Number: Owner Was Trying To Avoid Financiers [Video]

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Some people, in order to avoid having their vehicles confiscated, come up with rather illegal ideas. Recently, a video was shared online in which a Tata Nexon with a forged number plate from another Tata Nexon was caught. It has been reported that the owner of the car with the forged number plate did this act to avoid confiscation of his car by financiers.

Two Tata Nexons with the same number plate

This video showing two Tata Nexons with the same number plate has been shared on Facebook by Khabar Greater Noida West. It starts with the cameraman showing the Tata Nexon wearing the number plate “UP 16 DY 4318”. He states that this car has been parked at Devika Gold Homes in Noida.

He then shows another Tata Nexon finished in the same color combination as the first car. This car was also seen wearing the same number plate. Following this, the cameraman mentions that the second car in this video is the original car. After this, he introduces the owner of the second car and states that his name is Saurabh Verma.

The original car’s owner then states that he received a phone call and was asked about his car. He stated that he was told the number of his car and mentioned that it has been parked in Devika Gold Homes. However, he then went to his parking lot and replied that his car is parked in front of him in his society.

After exchanging the pictures, the owner of the original car drove to Devika Gold Homes. He then parked his car next to the first car, and then the case became clear. It was found that the car parked in Devika Gold Homes was bearing a forged number plate.

Two Tata Nexon SUVs With Same Number: Owner Was Trying To Avoid Financiers [Video]

How did this happen?

It has been reported that after this video went viral on the internet, Greater Noida police became alert and launched an investigation on this matter. Soon after this, it was found that the Nexon with the forged number plate belonged to a businessman named Shivam Singh.

According to the reports, this car was gifted to him by his in-laws during his wedding. However, recently Singh and his wife separated, and he did not want his car to get confiscated by the financiers. So, in order to avoid seizure, he forged the number plate of his car.

It was stated by Arvind Kumar, SHO, Bisrakh Police Station, that after they arrested the 30-year-old Singh, during the investigation he stated that he saw Saurabh Verma’s identical Tata Nexon in Greater Noida West. Singh added that as both cars had the same color, model, and make, he forged Verma’s number plate and put it on his car. Sidhu Moosewala killers also used forged number plate. 

What happened to Singh?

The police authorities have stated an FIR has been filed against Shivam Singh. This FIR has been filed at the Bisrakh police station under sections 420 (cheating) and 482 (using a false property mark) of the Indian Penal Code. Additionally, it has been stated that after the court proceedings, he has been sent to judicial custody.