Noida Man Shocked by Uber Auto Bill of Rs. 7.66 Crore: Original Estimate Rs 62

noida man uber auto bill 7.62 crore

Imagine you book an autorickshaw from Uber to travel a small distance, and it shows an estimate of around Rs. 50-60. However, once you reach your destination, suddenly the bill comes out to be Rs. 7 crore. You’ll be surprised, right? Well, this is exactly what has happened with one Uber auto rider in the country. Recently, a video has gone viral on the internet where this man shows his Uber Auto bill came out to be Rs. 7.66 crore. The funny part is the original bill estimate was merely Rs. 62.

This video of the Uber Auto bill of Rs. 7.6 crore has been shared on X by Ashish Mishra on their page. He captioned the post stating, “Early in the morning, @Uber_India made @TenguriyaDeepak so rich that he is thinking of taking Uber franchise next. The good thing is that the trip has not been canceled yet. Become a crorepati loanee instantly by booking an auto for Rs. 62.”

In the short video, the person who booked the Uber Auto was seen showing the bill. He was asked how much his bill came out to be for his auto ride. To this, he states that Uber has charged him Rs. 7,66,83,762 only. He then mentions that this is not including the waiting time.

Noida Man Shocked by Uber Auto Bill of Rs. 7.66 Crore: Original Estimate Rs 62

However, we can note from the screenshot of this ride’s bill that Uber has indeed added waiting time charges to his bill. The waiting time alone on this bill was charged Rs. 5,99,09,189. According to the bill, the waiting time charge was more than the ride amount of Rs. 1,67,74,647.

Thankfully, Uber was generous enough to give this man a discount of a whopping Rs. 75. The bill also showed that there were no charges for tolls. Also, there was no outstanding balance and credit in the account of this rider.

The people who were with the person who received this bill were seen cracking jokes. One of the persons said that thankfully GST has not been added to this bill. Meanwhile, the other person said that did he take the ride from “Mangal grah”.

How much was the original bill?

The person who received this bill revealed that his original estimate for the Uber Auto was Rs. 62. However, by the time he was dropped off, his bill became worth Rs. 7.66 crore. Most likely, he only paid the original amount of Rs. 62. And he took this mishap from the app as a joke.

Uber’s response

At the moment, Uber India has not officially responded to this issue that took place here. However, most likely it was a glitch and it might have been resolved as of now. However, this is not the first time that Uber India has come under the spotlight for such wrong billing. Here’s a story of an Uber driver who became a millionaire.

Another user on the Twitter thread of the person who shared the video showed his bill of Rs. 2.2 crore. He said that a few days later he took a ride on an Uber bike, and the bill was supposed to be Rs. 66. However, by the end of his ride, his bill came out to be Rs. 2,28,22,601. He was also given a promotional discount of Rs. 15.