Noida Police BUSTS 1,457 vehicles for faulty number plates, other offences: 8 ARRESTED

Gautam Budh Nagar Police, which serves and protects the Noida and Greater Noida region of Uttar Pradesh is currently conducting a special drive. The initiative is known as the ‘Operation Clean’ and it is the eighth edition of the same. However, this is the first time that the traffic challans were done at this intensity.

Operation Clean aims to decongest the city roads of Noida and Greater Noida. The campaign was carried out in two parts. There was a morning session while the cops returned in the evening to issue fines to the violators. To avoid the office hour jam, the drive was conducted from 10 AM to 12 PM in the entire district.

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According to the official police spokesperson, a total of 2,441 vehicles were issued physical fines for the traffic violations while another 1,470 challans were issued electronically. The cops also impounded various vehicles due to improper documents. According to the official, the police impounded 27 four wheelers and 85 cars during the drive. The total number of fines were 4,750 in the first two-hour drive by the cops.

In the evening, the cops again ran the drive for two hours. The cops started the process at 6 PM and until 8 PM, as many as 1,014 two-wheelers received challans while 345 cars were issued fines. During the evening drive, 58 vehicles were impounded. A total of Rs 1.2 lakh was collected as fines from the offenders.

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That’s not all. Noida Police is also targetting cars with improper number plates. The police are stopping all the vehicles with illegal and fancy number plates. Moreover, if the vehicle has any writing that denotes caste, religion, profession, party symbols and other such things, the cops are issuing heavy fines. The drive against the illegal writings behind the cars started on Sunday night and many were caught with illegal writings. Noida Police also used alcohol-meter to catch offenders drinking in their vehicles and arrest drunk drivers.

It is not known if the police force will continue the drive in the coming days. We do feel that such drives often can reduce the illegal driving habits of the citizens of the city. Driving and riding on the wrong side remains one of the major problems in Noida and even many societies have complained to the police officers about the same. Earlier, to counter the wrong-side driving, the authorities installed spikes that could deflate the tyres of the vehicles coming from the wrong side.

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Noida Police also stopped the vehicles for having tinted films on the windows, which is banned all over India for security purposes. In many cars, the films were removed by the cops on the spot before handing over a ticket to the owner of the car. Noida, which is a major city in the Delhi-NCR, is also one of the most congested areas of the region. However, such special drives can ease up the traffic situation on the roads in the coming days.