Holi Girls And Scooter Rider Fined Again: Total Fine Rs. 80,000 [Video]

noida holi girls fined again

A few days ago, we came across a video where two girls on a moving scooter were seen romancing on a public road. The video had gone viral on the internet, and the Noida Traffic Police had issued a fine of Rs 33,000 against the riders for this irresponsible behavior. It looks like the Noida police are not done with the case yet. The Noida police have now slapped another fine of Rs 47,500 against the women and the man riding the scooter.

A video of these girls, which sparked outrage among viewers for its vulgarity, had attracted a Rs 33,000 fine. If you remember, the girls had posted two videos. Action was only taken against the rider in the first video. After the cops came across the second video, they decided to go after the young rider and the girls again.

In the second video, a girl and a boy were seen riding the same scooter without proper riding helmets. They were also seen doing stunts on the road. It is probably the same video in which the girl fell down from the scooter after the rider applied brakes. As many as seven offenses have been listed in the e-challan issued to the scooter owner.

The total penalty imposed on the scooter owner over the two episodes in the two days has reached ₹80,500,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Kumar Yadav told PTI. The first video attracted a fine of Rs 33,000, and the second video, which came into the light later, attracted a fine of Rs 47,500.

While an e-challan has been issued against the offenders, an FIR has also been filed at Noida’s Sector 113 police station against three “unidentified” persons based on a complaint lodged by a local sub-inspector.

The FIR stated, “The boy was negligently riding the scooter while the girls engaged in obscene acts to make its video, which was later circulated on social media and due to which anger is being expressed by the general public.

Holi Girls And Scooter Rider Fined Again: Total Fine Rs. 80,000 [Video]

The FIR has been lodged under IPC sections 279 (rash/negligent driving endangering human life), 290 (public nuisance), 294 (obscenity in a public place), 336, and 337 (both related to acts endangering the life of others or causing hurt by it).

Once again, we’d like to bring your attention to the fact that riding a two-wheeler without any type of safety gear is dangerous and illegal. These safety gears help the rider and pillion survive in case of an accident.

A helmet specifically would save you from any kind of head injury. By doing such stunts on public roads, the rider is not only risking his life but also the lives of other road users. Public roads are for everyone, and it is not the place to do such stunts.

In the past, there have been cases where cops have taken action against social media influencers for doing stunts on public roads and creating inconvenience. We have seen videos where social media influencers were seen recording videos on the bonnet and roof of moving cars. Some of them have even blocked the road to create viral content for social media.