Noida's tyre killers already BUSTED: Wrong side drivers still winning! [Video]

Noida’s tyre killers already BUSTED: Wrong side drivers still winning! [Video]

Following the menace of wrong-side driving in Noida, the police department installed tyre killers in Sector 77 yesterday. In less than 24 hours of installation, the tyre killer scattered into pieces. After the tyre killers were broken into pieces, most of the motorists aimed for the small opening in the series of pointed spikes creating chaos on the road.

While the Noida authority has blamed that someone has tampered with the installation causing it to become loose and come out of the place. It was the only tyre killer installed till now and the authority has plans to install the tyre killers at other locations in the city including Sector 77 North Eye Junction, Sector 76 metro station, Sai Mandir U-Turn at Sector 61 and near Sector 16A flyover.

The tyre killers are armed with sharp spikes that can deflate the tyres of the cars coming from the wrong side. However, if they break they can even pose a danger to the vehicles coming from the right side of the road. The tyre killers get unidirectional spikes that are attached to the springs on their base. When the vehicles pass in the right direction, the spikes go down due to the force from the right direction on them. If the vehicles are coming from the wrong direction, the spikes stay in their place and cause the tyre to burst.

Tyre Killer Busted

If the tyre killers are broken they can be extremely dangerous to the vehicles on the roads. They can turn around kill the tyres of the vehicles coming from the right direction. It poses a greater threat to the motorists than the wrong side drivers. The residents of the Noida society have said that the tyre killer installed at the site is not professional work and it can seriously injure someone. Also, the residents have asked the authorities to place them inside the road’s surface to ensure that low slung cars and small hatchbacks do not get damaged by the height of the spikes. Noida authorities have also installed big banners that warn the road users of the metal tyre killers on the spot.

The General Manager, Noida Authority has said that they have spent over Rs. 1.7 lakh on the installation of the tyre killer. They are currently working on the problem and to permanently solve the problem, they will put bitumen slope near the tyre killer and will fix the structure permanently to the ground. As of now, the tyre killer is installed with a number of bolts. It seems like the bolts could not take the heavy stress caused due to the passing of heavy vehicles over the tyre killers and it came out of the place.

It should be noted that the tyre killers were first installed in a residential complex of Pune. The authorities and the cops later removed the tyre killers saying that they are highly dangerous and cause massive damage to the vehicles. The tyre killers were installed for around couple of weeks in Pune and it did not suffer any damage. However, the road on which the tyre killer has been installed in Noida sees heavy traffic including the truck traffic, which could have damaged the structure. The Noida authorities need to install sturdier tyre killers in place and ensure that they do not move around or break. This a pilot project and the government is planning to install the tyre killers at other locations of the state if it becomes a success in Noida.

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