Remember The Old Goa Man Revving Up The Porsche? He Just Bought His 8th Rolls Royce [Video]

Mr. Moody's Rolls Royce Ghost

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We scroll through various kinds of online content in a day. One such video that caught people’s attention lately was of an old man revving up a Porsche 911 Carrera. We tried to find more details about the old man in the video, but sadly we couldn’t. Now, we have another video of the same man taking delivery of a new car. What car, you ask? A Rolls Royce Ghost, and what makes it special is that this is his 8th Rolls Royce car. And we now have some details about this old man.


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The video has been shared by Motorwagon on their Instagram page. Motorwagon is a Kerala-based multi-brand used luxury car dealership. This was their 20th delivery, and the person taking the delivery is Mr. Nosh Moody or Mr. Noshire Dara Moody. Mr. Moody is the same person who was seen warming up a white Porsche 911 Carrera a few days ago.

In the video, Mr. Moody can be heard saying that he loves exotic cars, but his love for Rolls Royce is a level above everything else. He has bought several Rolls Royce cars in the past, seven to be precise. The Rolls Royce Ghost being delivered in the video is his 8th Rolls Royce. We can hear his son talk about his father’s passion for cars.

He does mention that this is said to be his last car, but we feel that Mr. Moody is going to add more cars to his garage in the near future. The Rolls Royce Ghost seen here is the previous generation luxury car. It looks like Motor Wagon organized an event to deliver the car. Nosh Moody actually bought a Rolls Royce Ghost finished in a blue shade.


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The color of the car looks extremely good, and it feels like a brand new car. Car dealers who deal in such expensive cars often take care of even the smallest details. The customer can be heard saying in the video that this is his 8th Rolls Royce and he has never experienced anything like this (probably talking about the event).

Rolls Royce cars are considered the epitome of luxury when it comes to cars. The Ghost is the entry-level model from Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t mean it is affordable or lacks premium features. It is considered a status symbol, and that is one of the reasons why many billionaire businessmen and celebrities buy Rolls Royce.

The Rolls Royce Ghost seen in the video is powered by a 6.6-liter twin-turbo petrol engine. The engine generates a maximum of 560 bhp and 780 Nm of peak torque. The engine was mated to an automatic transmission. Mr. Moody looks extremely happy about his new purchase in the video.

Remember The Old Goa Man Revving Up The Porsche? He Just Bought His 8th Rolls Royce [Video]
Mr. Moody’s Rolls Royce Ghost

Buying a used Rolls Royce makes a lot of sense as you can have it at almost half the price of a new one. Luxury cars, like any luxury good, depreciate pretty fast, which brings down the value by a lot. We feel Mr. Moody might have got a great deal which made him buy his 8th Rolls Royce.

We are not sure if Nosh Moody has all the other 7 Rolls Royce cars in his garage or if he sold them off to make space for new cars. We would really love to know more about Mr. Moody’s car collection, and we hope to see more videos related to his cars in the future.