Not Even A Ghost Messes With A Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto Ghost Prank

The Fiat Punto is a heavily built car that feels solid all around. And not even a ghost can mess with one. Don’t get it? Here, watch for yourself.

This is one ghost prank that went horribly wrong. A bunch of pranksters got together in Bhopal and decided to scare motorists silly, all for a Youtube video. The modus operandi was simple. A man in ghost costume gets in front of a car, assuming that the car driver would back off. This is exactly what happened, at least initially. The car driver began backing up.

Another man in another ghost costume gets behind the car even as the Punto is reversing, further scaring the driver. This is where it all starts unraveling. The car driver panics, understandably so, and begins accelerating forward. The first ghost, in another bid to scare the Punto driver begins dancing on the road. He is almost run over. It’s a clean hit that almost killed the man pretending to be the ghost. Excuse the profanities.