Not fined for low fuel: Kerala rider clarifies

The Kerala rider who became viral on the Internet for receiving a challan for “Riding with low fuel” has clarified what really happened to him. The rider – Basil Syam posted on Facebook saying that he was challaned by the cops for riding on the wrong side. He posted on his social media pages clarifying the same.

Basil wrote,

“The other day while going to work to avoid a spin and save some time, I was driving my Royal Enfield Classic 350 in the opposite direction on the one way road at Pukkatupadi junction and when I entered the road 5 meters away, the officers of the edathala police station fined Rs 250 to my vehicle. Being late, i paid cash, took the receipt and put it in his pocket and went straight to the office.
When i reached there and took the receipt, he noticed that the section was written on it.
It was “Driving Without Sufficient Fuel with passengers”. When I got suspicious and sent it to 2-3 experienced lawyers, they said that there is no such offence. I have doubts again.
Put the status on WhatsApp. Nothing special happened except a 6,7 ​​replies. After 24 hours, the status will disappear. I left it too.”

Now it is clear that the police issued the wrong challan to Basil Syam. He uploaded the picture of the challan on the Internet asking for clarification and the challan became viral.

Low fuel level law exists

Not fined for low fuel: Kerala rider clarifies

Interestingly, the law against using a vehicle with a low fuel level exists. But it is exclusively applicable to commercial vehicles including two-wheelers. According to the rule, if a commercial vehicle stops for refuelling while a passenger is onboard, the police can issue a challan of up to Rs 250.

While this law will be a boon for many people who are tired of their cabs taking them to a fuel station with a long queue to refill fuel or CNG. However, we have not seen police handing out such a challan in the past. This is why the Internet went bonkers when they saw the reason for the challan.

Wrong challans are quite common

In many instances, police issued a challan for not wearing a helmet while issuing a challan to a car driver. The police clarified that such wrong fines can happen due to the wrong entry of the reason by the operator issuing the fine.

Such wrong challans can be challenged in court. However, most people do not want to get tangled in the judiciary system which can take a lot of time and money to deliver a decision.