Noted journalist Vir Sanghvi disappointed after Jeep Compass breaks down 3 times in 1 year: Issue resolved, says Jeep India

Edit Note: Jeep India’s representatives reached out to us, and stated that the issue with Mr. Vir Sanghvi’s Jeep has been resolved.

The Indian subsidiary of the prominent American SUV manufacturer Jeep, Jeep India, has enjoyed a great deal of success with its highly popular mid-size SUV, the Compass. The Compass is the most affordable model in Jeep’s lineup, and the company has sold a large number of them in the country. However, along with this great success, the company has also faced a considerable amount of criticism. While the models themselves are good, the service has always been questionable, and the reliability of the Compass has not been, for lack of a better word, the best. Recently, a well-known journalist, Vir Sanghvi, shared a tweet revealing the problems he has been experiencing with his personal Jeep Compass.

The renowned media personality tweeted, “Over a year ago, we bought a Jeep. It stopped starting within a few months. They ‘fixed it.’ It stopped working again yesterday. They ‘fixed’ it again. It broke down again 30 minutes ago. All the people I dealt with last year have left @JeepIndia. Is it also breaking down?”

From the post, it is clear that Sanghvi has been facing a series of breakdowns, and his frustration with the brand and its product is justified. Over the years, the reliability of the Jeep Compass has maintained a reputation of being hit or miss. There have been numerous instances where the car has broken down for many customers, and cases similar to Sanghvi’s have come forward. The journalist has not provided a detailed description of the problem with his particular car, but it seems to be a significant issue as the vehicle has broken down for the third time.


In a previous case involving the Jeep Compass, an owner who purchased the top-of-the-line Trailhawk variant of the SUV reported experiencing some rattling issues. He stated that his SUV broke down after just 18,000 km, and the company was not responding to his complaints. Manish Kumar Singh, the owner of the car, reported that he bought the car in Bangalore in November 2019.

Noted journalist Vir Sanghvi disappointed after Jeep Compass breaks down 3 times in 1 year: Issue resolved, says Jeep India

In December 2020, with only 7,000 km on the odometer, the car suddenly stopped while the steering and brakes became locked. Manish called roadside assistance, and they started the vehicle by jump-starting it. The owner claims that he narrowly missed hitting a child on a bicycle after the vehicle stopped with the brakes and steering locked in the same position. He added that he faced more problems, and the car broke down four more times.

Another buyer of a Jeep Compass shared his grievances with the car and the brand, and he filed a complaint about the issues he was facing with his new car. In a Facebook post on a private group of Jeep Compass owners, the owner shared some images of his brand new Compass lying idle in the authorized workshop for almost two weeks. The person in the post claimed that he acquired his Compass just a month before posting, and he was experiencing rattling sounds coming from the pillar adjacent to the dashboard of the SUV.

He stated that the technicians were unable to find the root cause of these rattling sounds, leading to further delays. In the post, he further mentioned that due to the SUV being idle in the service center for almost two weeks, he experienced mental discomfort as he was left without a car.

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