Now in INDIA! An air-cooler to cool your helmet at just Rs. 1,600

AptEner Mechatronics, an Indian company that builds the BluArmor brand of motorcycle riding and safety gear has just come up with an affordable, portable air cooler for full face helmets. Called the BluSnap, this battery-operated air cooler snaps on to any full-face helmet. It’s designed to keep the rider’s face and head about 6 to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature, making hot summers very comfortable even for those wearing full-face helmets. In other words, this is like an AC that motorcycle and scooter riders were always dreaming about. And here is how it works.

As the video indicates, this helmet is best worn while riding in crowded city conditions, where speeds are low. Traffic crawls in hot weather is when the rider really feels hot under the helmet. At highway speeds, the air around sufficiently cools the rider, and such a cooler may not be required.

The BluSnap is a miniature air cooler that works like a conventional air cooler. The main components are a 60 ml water tank, a fan, an anti-bacterial replaceable filter, and a rechargeable battery. These components are integrated into a compact, wearable device that fits any helmet. The air cooler can be turned on and off through a switch.

Now in INDIA! An air-cooler to cool your helmet at just Rs. 1,600

While there are concerns if the BluSnap air cooler will compromise the crash worthiness of the helmet, the founder and CEO of the company that has designed this helmet says that the BluSnap air cooler will snap upon impact, not affecting the crash worthiness of the helmet.

Moreover, it’s designed to work even in cities with humid conditions such as Chennai and Mumbai. While BluSnap helmet air cooler is priced at Rs. 1,609 (including a discount for early birds), shipping will begin only after a month. You can pre-order this device here.