Now JAIL for people attempting Kiki challenge outside moving cars

The entire cyberspace is abuzz with the ”Kiki challenge”, which is also called the ”In My Feelings” or the ”Shiggy Challenge” by some. Already many videos of people taking up this challenge have surfaced online. Recently, we told you that the Mumbai Police has warned people about the risks involved in taking up the Kiki challenge. Even the police force in Jaipur and Bengaluru have issued similar warnings. And now, in a recent development, it has come to light that the Hyderabad traffic police has gone a step ahead and has said that people attempting the Kiki challenge could be booked for public nuisance.

To complete the Kiki challenge, one needs to dance to Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ soundtrack, alongside a moving car! Many teenagers and even some celebrities have already shot videos of them taking up this challenge. The Kiki challenge videos that have been posted online show participants getting off their car and start dancing while the car continues to move ahead at a slow speed. There are even some video recordings that show such ‘stunts’ causing a road accident. Videos even show the participants running into poles or tripping over while performing the dance to complete the challenge. Frankly, it’s not surprising to see people getting hurt. We feel that trying to dance on a public road alongside a moving car is not only dangerous for the participants but also poses a danger for other road users.

The Hyderabad City Police’s traffic branch, in a statement, has warned people against taking up the Kiki challenge. The statement reads- “It’s a risk to jump out of a moving car and dance in the middle of the road. This is dangerous for the driver as well as others.” Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), has commented that these acts will draw criminal charges against the participants. Furthermore, the senior police officer has requested the youngsters to abstain from taking up such challenges. He said,”Accept worthy challenges in life, because you are the future of the country.”

The Hyderabad City Police further said that anyone found participating in the Kiki challenge will be booked under Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 70(b) of the Hyderabad City Police Act for creating a nuisance on the road and posing a risk to other road users.

News Source – India Today, Video Source – Creative Creations on Youtube

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