Numerologist busts myths surrounding black colored cars: Asks people to buy them [Video]

When it comes to cars, an average Indian customer is very peculiar about his choices, one of which is the colour of the car preferred by him. In India, most people opt for lights and mainstream colour options like white and silver, with some of them now preferring grey and blue as well. A few major reasons behind people opting for these shades are the ease of maintenance and the good resale value these colour fetch. However, there is one car colour which has often remained a top choice among car buyers but has not ended up in their purchase decisions – black.

In India, there are several myths surrounding black as a car colour. Many people still believe that black is considered an unlucky colour which attracts bad luck. Also, black is considered to be one of those car colours which are the most difficult to maintain, as it attracts a lot of dust and scratches. However, in recent times, the popularity of black colour among cars has hit a new high, with many car buyers, especially SUV owners, preferring black as their final choice.

There are multiple reasons why black is back on the radar of car buyers, as explained by numerologist Sanjay Sharma in one of his Instagram posts. Firstly, car buyers usually spend 2 per cent of their lives driving their cars or getting stuck in traffic jams, while being inside their cars. Secondly, black is considered a sign of royalty and power in general, and even black-coloured cars exude a respective road presence. And thirdly, it is a well-known fact that all the world leaders, including prime ministers and presidents of most countries, are driven in black-coloured cars, thus making them look like a sign of authority.

Most manufacturers do not offer black colour

Numerologist busts myths surrounding black colored cars: Asks people to buy them [Video]

In recent times, black has become much more popular with many carmakers launching their SUVs specifically in black colour options. There are even some special editions related to black car colours, such as Tata Motors’ Dark Edition for its range of SUVs like Harrier, Safari and Nexon and the Knight Edition of Hyundai Creta. In addition to these SUVs, other carmakers like Mahindra, Kia, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover have also their sedans and SUVs available in the shade of black, all of which have become much more popular among Indian customers.

According to a study, most Indians chose the white colour. It is because of various reasons including the price of the car and the resale value. Since white is the most common colour and universal shade, it increases the resale value of the car. Also, most manufacturers charge a premium on shades that are not white, which also brings more white cars to the roads.

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