Official images of upcoming Honda SUV leaked!

Honda will unveil their new compact SUV at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show and official images of the SUV have been leaked. CarToq takes a look at Honda’s upcoming compact SUV to see where stands.

new honda urban suv photo
Click photo to see a large photo of the Honda Urban SUV!

The compact SUV in question is based on the Honda Jazz platform and will be a crossover concept. The production version of this SUV is expected to be out within the next 2 years. Compact SUV’s like the Duster; which is already doing great in terms of sales and the upcoming Ford Ecosport which is by far the most awaited launch in the Indian market, could see some stiff competition from the Honda.


Honda believes that with this SUV they have managed to blend the sporty and dynamic characteristics of an SUV with a spacious and functional interior. The SUV is well designed from what we can make out in the pictures. It has a sharp and attractive character line which accentuates its side profile and it has a classy yet aggressive looking front. You can see hints of the Honda CR-V even in this concept with a similarly sloping roof line and similar shape. Also read: 3 Compact SUVs to look out for in 2013

The front has a nice looking Honda grille with a wide air-dam right below it; giving it a mean appearance. It has sharply designed LED headlamps and even the production version may get these. The headlamps remind you of present day Mercedes SUV’s due to the LED daytime running lamps. The Wheel arches again are similar to the CR-V’s but the blend in much better with the overall design and all the smooth flowing lines.


The rear is not clear in these images but it does look similar to a whole lot of cars including the Hyundai Santa Fe. This could be a game changer for the Indian market as compact SUVs are the new in thing. Keep an eye out for this Honda SUV, it will be a long time before we get it but when we do it will definitely stir up the market (If Honda prices it aggressively). Also read: New photos Honda Amaze fully revealed