Official Mahindra Bolero of RTO stopped by public: Cop forced to fine him for not wearing a seatbelt [Video]

After the new MV Act was implemented in numerous Indian states and Union Territories on 1st September this year, many motorists are enraged about the steep hike in the fines. Since then, a lot of videos of public servants breaking the traffic laws have become viral on the Internet. In a few cases, people have even stopped the government officials travelling on the roads and have asked them to follow the rules. Here is another video that shows the enraged public stopping an ARTO in his official vehicle and the cop issuing a fine to the officer.

The video is from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh where the enraged public surrounded the official car of the Assistant Regional Transport Officer on the road. The officer who has been identified as Amitabh Rai was travelling on official duty with his personal security in the Mahindra Bolero. The video shows that the ARTO was not using the seatbelt and the public surrounded the car from all the sides demanding an answer from the ARTO.

While the public kept on asking where is the seatbelt, the officer did not acknowledge the question. Instead, he replied that his driver is wearing the seatbelt, he himself uses the seatbelt all the time and seatbelt is import. A cop can be seen standing on the side of the vehicle and issuing a fine to the officer. It is not known how much fine was issued to the officer.

Official Mahindra Bolero of RTO stopped by public: Cop forced to fine him for not wearing a seatbelt [Video]

It should be noted that Uttar Pradesh is one of the states where the new MV Act has been enforced from 1st September. Apart from the increased fine amounts, the new act also allows the police officers to issue twice the fine amount to the government officials and police compared to the regular citizens. This was done to ensure that the government officials become an example for the general public when it comes to following of the rules. However, numerous videos of cops and government officials dishonouring the laws have surfaced in the recent past.

The public is quite angry as many of such officials who do not follow the rules get away without getting any fines. This is because of the position they hold in the government. To overcome this, the public has started making videos of such things and put it online, where such videos become viral. In most cases, these people in viral videos receive a challan.

Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world. Lakhs of accidents happen on the Indian roads every year and many of them turn fatal. The new rules were introduced to ensure that the motorists follow the traffic rules due to the fear of the increased fines and it seems to be working in many states. In Delhi, the number of challans came down by 66% after the new rules have come into effect.