Ola Electric Car’s cabin teaser out now; Looks futuristic

A few weeks ago, Ola Electric teased a few visuals of what could be its first-ever all-electric car for the Indian car market. Now, on the occasion of Diwali, the Indian start-up has teased a few visuals of the interior of its first-ever electric car. Along with the interior, Ola Electric also showcased a visual of the exterior of this car in the same video, which the start-up has uploaded on its social media handles.

Ola Electric Car’s cabin teaser out now; Looks futuristic

Coming to the interior of this upcoming electric car, the overall layout and visible elements of the cabin make this car look very futuristic. Though this teaser is quite brief, it indicates a few highlights which are confirmed to make their way into the production model. The highlights of this cabin include a two-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, which has a squared design and features an octagonal centre boss and backlit controls.

Ola Electric Car’s cabin teaser out now; Looks futuristic

Behind the steering wheel, this upcoming car from Ola Electric has a free-standing rectangular fully-digital instrument console, behind which there is a strip of ambient lighting spread across the width of the dashboard. The design for the rest of the dashboard looks clean and without much visual drama, with the centre console occupied by slim AC vents and a massive rectangular touchscreen infotainment system. The centre console lacks any other physical controls, which indicates that all the controls of the car, including the climate control, will come within the infotainment system, much like in cars from Tesla.

Ola Electric Car’s cabin teaser out now; Looks futuristic

However, what’s interesting to note this time is that the teaser showed it as a crossover-like vehicle, unlike a low-slung sedan which was showcased in the previous teaser. This vehicle has a raised stance with a slightly upright windscreen, indicating that this vehicle is a crossover and not a sedan. It is also speculated that Ola Electric might be preparing two different concepts – one sedan and one crossover.

Minimalist design

The other visual highlights of the exterior of this upcoming all-electric vehicle from Ola include a minimalist front fascia with smooth-looking air intakes on the front bumper, a wide LED light bar across the bonnet’s width and an illuminated Ola logo in the centre. On the corners, the vehicle comes equipped with horizontally stacked LED projectors within compact-looking housings. Instead of the rearview mirrors, this vehicle comes equipped with tiny-looking cameras mounted on the A-pillar.

Ola Electric is targeting to launch this car by 2024 and will position this car as a premium offering with a speculated starting price of Rs 25 lakh. This car will come equipped with a 70-80 kWh battery which might claim a range of over 500 km.

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