Ola Electric releases first video of S1 Air EV

The Bengaluru-based ride-hailing firm, Ola Cabs, announced in 2022 that its sister brand, Ola Electric, would release its most affordable model, the S1 Air, starting at a price of Rs 84,999. Since then, the model has been in development, and it was recently reported that instead of the initially planned 2.5 kWh battery and a range of 101km, it will now come with a 2kWh battery, followed by 3kWh and 4kWh variants. In a recent advancement on this model, the company shared the first on-road look of the forthcoming scooter in a video, where the Head of Strategy for Ola Electric answered some questions about the Ola S1 Air.

The video, posted on YouTube by Ola Electric, features Slokarth Dash, the Head of Strategy at Ola Electric, answering questions and showcasing the new Ola Electric S1 Air for the first time on the road. The video begins with the head of strategy introducing himself and the new S1 Air. Following this, he answers a few questions about the performance, acceleration, and throttle. He states that the S1 Air is balanced, fast, and peppy, respectively.

Ola Electric releases first video of S1 Air EV

He goes on to reveal that a lot of feedback has gone into the development of the S1 Air. They took feedback from their existing customers and implemented it in this new EV scooter to improve the user experience. Slokarth mentions that the Ola S1 Air has been improved based on feedback regarding customer usage, comfort, button operation, grab rail feel, and the requirement of a flat floorboard. He emphasizes that this new scooter has been improved in terms of handling, performance, and ergonomics, with customer requirements in mind.

Ola Electric, as mentioned earlier, made significant changes to the range options available for the Ola S1 Air scooter. Initially, when the S1 Air was announced, it came with a 2.5kWh battery and a range of 101km. However, the company then introduced new range options for the Ola S1 Air. The updated range included three battery variants: an entry-level variant with a 2kWh battery, followed by the 3kWh and 4kWh variants. Ola also announced that customers who had previously booked the original Ola S1 Air with the 2.5kWh battery would receive a complimentary upgrade to the 3kWh battery variant.

Ola Electric releases first video of S1 Air EV

The 2kWh battery variant offered an IDC range of 85km. The 3kWh variant provided a higher IDC range of 125km, while the 4kWh version offered the highest range at 165km (IDC). All the scooters in the range were equipped with the same 4.5kW motor and have identical top speeds of 85kph. In terms of pricing, the Ola S1 Air range starts at Rs 84,999 for the entry-level variant. The mid variant is priced at Rs 99,999, and the top variant is available at Rs 1.10 lakh. This was the Ola S1 Air lineup till last month. Earlier this month the company once again made and annoucnement regarding this scooter and announced that this new scooter will now only come available in the 3kWh trim as it was the most demanded.

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