Ola Electric releases new videos for its upcoming electric motorcycle range

ola electric motorcycles teaser

The country’s largest electric scooter maker, Ola Electric, recently unveiled its newest electric motorcycle lineup at its first-ever customer day event. The new line-up of EV bikes from Ola Electric includes four distinct models that will compete in four different segments within the country. Following the unveiling, the company also released two teasers highlighting the details of the new bikes. The first video showcases the entire Ola Electric bike lineup, while the other video provides an in-depth look at its flagship Diamondhead motorcycle. These new videos have generated even more excitement around the newly revealed electric bikes.

Both of the new rendered videos showcasing the all-new electric bikes have been shared on Ola Electric‘s official YouTube channel. In the first video, the brand presents the entire range of EV bikes in an extremely dramatic format. The video commences with a front view of the new bikes, including the flagship Diamondhead, Roadster, Cruiser, and Adventure. It then proceeds to show close-up shots of the rear ends of these bikes.

Subsequently, the video presents a detailed view of a person riding the Ola Electric Cruiser. This low-slung cruising motorbike features a sleek single LED headlight and a small, slender LED taillight. The curvaceous body of the Cruiser is also briefly shown in the snippet.

Ola Electric releases new videos for its upcoming electric motorcycle range

Following the Cruiser segment, the video shifts to the Ola Roadster, a naked street fighter-inspired motorcycle that deviates from the traditional street fighter design. The Roadster, like the Cruiser, boasts a sleeker LED headlight, accompanied by a small windshield and nose. The bike is equipped with dual disc brakes at the front and a monoshock at the rear, situated under the driver’s seat. The Roadster is also briefly featured in the video.

Continuing through the video, after the Roadster segment, we catch a glimpse of the Ola Adventure EV motorcycle. However, this motorcycle receives limited screen time, only revealing its rear side for a brief moment. Notably, the teaser excludes the flagship Diamondhead motorcycle, as the company plans to release a more comprehensive look at its upcoming flagship motorcycle.

In a separate video showcasing the Diamondhead, which occupies the top position in the Ola Electric lineup, it’s evident that this model stands out as the most distinctive offering. The forthcoming Diamondhead EV motorbike features an exceptionally unique design previously unseen on any motorcycle in India. Automotive enthusiasts quickly recognize that the new flagship Diamondhead EV motorbike draws inspiration from the widely acclaimed Tesla Cybertruck, a modern marvel with an exceptionally futuristic appearance.

The second video uploaded by Ola Electric provides an in-depth view of this flagship bike. The initial shot focuses on the bike’s front end. Notably, the Diamondhead EV boasts a hexagonal shape resembling a diamond, hence its name. One of the first notable details is the single strip of LED on the front, serving as both a DRL (Daytime Running Light) and the main headlight. A small Ola moniker is placed on the right end of this lightbar. The video then showcases the bike from the front left side, revealing that it eschews a traditional-looking dashboard and instrument cluster for a small screen integrated within the front fairing.

A unique feature of the bike’s front is its handlebars. The handlebars on either side of the bike appear to protrude from the fairing itself, disconnected from the exterior. The connected portion of the handlebar is likely concealed within the fairing. In addition to this, the bike features incredibly sharp body lines, contributing to its highly aerodynamic shape.

The front suspension design is one of the most distinctive aspects of this bike. Unlike a conventional fork setup starting from the top, the Ola Electric Diamondhead is equipped with an entirely different setup. The suspension is attached to the body where an engine would typically be positioned in a conventional motorcycle. It is likely directly mounted to the bike’s chassis. Other notable features of the Ola Diamondhead include a dual disc brake setup at the front and a single disc brake setup at the rear. Similar to the front, the rear end also exudes sleekness, boasting a thin LED taillight strip.